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Shameless Abuse of RPS Power: My Brute

My Brute has been nagging at the corners of my consciousness for a while now, but it was Simon Parkin who finally made me play. It's basically a perversely compulsive cross between Progress Quest and a Pyramid Scheme. You create your brute and then challenge people to fights, going up levels. You also gain XP by getting other people to join, which brings the Pyramid scheme into play. Simon noted that it seemed to be yet more proof that my old line about gaming's dark secret being that occasionally just seeing a number going up being enough. Worryingly true. Its hyper-cute art style's another boon. It's easier to see than actually explain, so go play. You'll totally beat my Violent Trevor. Despite being level 5, she hasn't got a weapon yet. Pah.

Yes, this an experiment to see how many pupils posting a link to my brute on a biggish PC games site can get me. And because this has made me hit level 10, you can join the RPS clan! (EDIT: CLAN FILLED! SOMEONE ELSE START ONE) Clearly, post your brute's name in the comment thread so everyone can fight everyone else.

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