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eFootball's Master League paid DLC won't be available until 2023

Other paid DLC coming later 2022

A screenshot of the low poly crowd in eFootball 2022.
Image credit: u/alex91s

eFootball 2022's Master League will launch as paid DLC in 2023, Konami say. In a Twitter thread, Konami clarified their future update plans, including the free content to come this summer and new teams to be added as paid DLC before the end of the year.

Lobby matches allowing users to play matches online between teams created in Dream Team will arrive "after summer 2022", while "some editing functions" will come in wintter 2022. Cross-platform play between consoles and PC will also arrive in winter 2022.

"The number of teams that can be used in leagues and club teams will be expanded and distributed as additional paid content by the end of 2022," reads another tweet. "Master League will be available as additional paid content during 2023."

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Master League is a popular mode from previous Pro Evolution Soccer games in which you can create and manage a football team in round-robin tournaments. Konami announced they would release Master Leagues as paid content for the free-to-play eFootball back in 2021, but the game has had a bumpy life since launching last year. eFootball 2022 quickly became the worst rated game on Steam after launch, which makes "we have received lots of feedback" in the tweet above quite the understatement.

In the aftermath of that rocky launch, Konami indefinitely postponed eFootball's DLC and refunded players who had pre-purchased it in order to focus on bugfixes. Since then, the game has hit 1.0 with improved ball physics and other new features added.

eFootball 2022 apparently feels better to play now as a result of those updates, but there's still a relative paucity of commonplace features and modes within the game. These updates planned for 2023 therefore seem a long way off.

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