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Best characters in Bloodhunt: a Bloodhunt archetype tier list

Learn which is the best clan and character class in Bloodhunt

Want to learn which is the best character in Bloodhunt? There are six unique archetypes in Bloodhunt, split across three powerful vampire clans vying for control of Prague. Each of these characters offers a unique skillset, and each one offers something that no other archetype can match. But still, a meta always emerges, and we're here to show you how it looks.

Below you'll find our tier list of the best characters in Bloodhunt. Keep reading and you'll learn the abilities of each archetype and how to play in a way which complements the strengths of your chosen archetype.

Best Bloodhunt characters: archetypes and clans

Characters in Bloodhunt are called archetypes, and each archetype also belongs to a clan. Each archetype has access to three abilities, or skills: a clan skill, which is a movement ability shared by both members of a clan; a passive skill, which is always in effect (or activates automatically); and an archetype skill, which is another activateable power like the clan skill.

The best character in Bloodhunt right now is the Brute. Hailing from the Brujah Clan, this archetype features a very balanced skillset which allows them to close gaps quickly, initiate and defend themselves using their Shockwave Punch, and then jump away and heal up quickly out of combat with the use of their Passive.

Below are our rankings of all the Bloodhunt characters ranging from best to worst. Keep scrolling to read more about each archetype, their abilities, and why they have been placed where they have in our tier list.

Best Bloodhunt characters list (best to worst):

  • Brute (Brujah Clan)
  • Vandal (Brujah Clan)
  • Prowler (Nosferatu Clan)
  • Saboteur (Nosferatu Clan)
  • Muse (Toreador Clan)
  • Siren (Toreador Clan)

Choosing the Brute archetype in Bloodhunt's character selection screen.


  • Clan: Brujah
  • Clan Skill: Soaring Leap - Perform a powerful jump forward.
  • Passive Skill: True Grit - Replenish up to half health while not taking damage.
  • Archetype Skill: Shockwave Punch - Unleash a shockwave capable of deflecting bullets.

The Brute is a fantastic character in every respect. The Brujah clan archetypes are a cut above the rest thanks to their Soaring Leap movement skill, which is the best ability in the game for fast rooftop traversal. But the Brute beats out the very-nearly-as-good Vandal because the Brute's Shockwave Punch is such a phenomenal ability that can tip the scales of any battle when used correctly. It's a particularly great skill to use when you want to safely get into melee range with an enemy: fire off the Shockwave, and follow close behind until you're up close and personal with your prey.

Add to this the Brute's True Grit passive heal, which quickly gets them back up to half-health after only spending a couple of seconds out of combat, and you've got an archetype that excels at getting in and out of sticky situations - of which there are a great many waiting for you in the crowded streets and rooftops of vampire-infested Prague.

Choosing the Vandal archetype in Bloodhunt's character selection screen.


  • Clan: Brujah
  • Clan Skill: Soaring Leap - Perform a powerful jump forward.
  • Passive Skill: Adrenaline Rush - Gain moderate damage resistance when in close vicinity of enemies.
  • Archetype Skill: Earth Shock - Leap forward and crash upon the ground, dealing damage and hurling enemies upward.

The Vandal comes very close to matching its Brujah clanmate, the Brute, with its very aggressive skillset. Armed both with its Clan's Soaring Leap skill, and its unique Earth Shock ability, the Vandal is peerless when it comes to crossing vast distances in the blink of an eye. Both these abilities are far stronger than the other movement skills in the game when it comes to scaling rooftops because of the forward momentum that both jumps provide. Of course, they can be quite tricky to aim at times, and Each Shock is not damaging enough to be a very strong offensive skill, but together it makes the Vandal a master of mobility.

Another key strength of the Vandal is the Adrenaline Rush passive, which not only provides damage resistance when in close proximity of enemies, but also lets you know via a large icon in the bottom-centre of your screen when this ability is active. This means you always know when enemies are nearby. Of course, it doesn't help when you're engaged at medium or long range, but it gives the Vandal a powerful extra trick up its sleeve.

Choosing the Prowler archetype in Bloodhunt's character selection screen.


  • Clan: Nosferatu
  • Clan Skill: Vanish - Become invisible and move rapidly for a brief duration.
  • Passive Skill: Sense The Beast - Severely wounded enemies leave a trail that reveals their recent movement.
  • Archetype Skill: Scouting Famulus - Send out bats to scout an area, temporarily revealing enemies through walls.

The Prowler is Bloodhunt's tracker class, and they're a very fun archetype to use when things go your way. Vanish is probably the best panic button in the game, which immediately elevates the strength of the Nosferatu Clan archetypes. Just a tap of the button and you're invisible, and gain a movement speed buff for a short time to help reposition or elude your enemy. Just remember that you can still be shot while invisible, so make sure you move unpredictably.

But the true power of the Prowler comes from its unique skills: Sense The Beast allows you to see very clear trails left behind by heavily injured enemies, which means it's the easiest thing in the world to follow them. Of course, it's only useful when you have the upper hand in a fight - so to help you initiate well, you've also got the Scouting Famulus ability, which sends a swarm of bats to a target location, which will send out pulses in that area over time that can reveal nearby enemies, even through walls. It can take some time to learn how to use these bats effectively, but the result is unparelleled situational awareness.

Choosing the Saboteur archetype in Bloodhunt's character selection screen.


  • Clan: Nosferatu
  • Clan Skill: Vanish - Become invisible and move rapidly for a brief duration.
  • Passive Skill: Unseen Passage - Turn semi-invisible while crouching.
  • Archetype Skill: Sewer Bomb - Throw a bomb that explodes and releases toxic gas when approached by enemies.

The Saboteur is the trickster archetype in Bloodhunt. They lack the awareness of the Prowler, which is why they're lower in our estimations; but a skilled Saboteur is an absolute menace to contend with thanks to its stealthy inclinations. Not only does the Saboteur enjoy the use of the Nosferatu Clan Skill, Vanish, which gives them strong repositioning and escape capabilities; but with the Unseen Passage skill they can also turn semi-invisible (still perceptible, but hard to spot) after a moment whenever they crouch. This is particularly powerful in the late-game when everyone is on rooftops close together looking for snipes and easy kills.

The other trick up the Saboteur's sleeve is the Sewer Bomb - a proximity device that can be lobbed a fair distance and connects onto the first surface it finds. When an enemy gets within its range, the bomb detonates into a cloud of gas, damaging and muddying the vision of enemies that stay in the cloud, and - most importantly - acting as a warning of that enemy's location. Unfortunately, the Sewer Bomb is a little bit too difficult to use properly given the freedom of movement of Bloodhunt, which is another reason why the Saboteur finds itself in the lower half of our tier list.

Choosing the Muse archetype in Bloodhunt's character selection screen.


  • Clan: Toreador
  • Clan Skill: Projection/Dash - Send out a projection of yourself, which you can teleport to at will.
  • Passive Skill: Final Act - Instantly refresh your cooldowns and enable the use of powers when downed.
  • Archetype Skill: Rejuvenating Voice - Heals yourself and nearby allies while channelled. Taking damage interrupts the heal.

The lowest rungs of the archetype ladder are occupied by the Toreador Clan members - which is not to say that they're not powerful, just harder to win games with unless you really know what you're doing. As a matter of fact, the Muse is one of my favourite character classes to play as, thanks to the high skill ceiling Projection/Dash ability, which you can use to wrongfoot enemies and effectively escape bad situations with a bit of forward planning; and the sometimes-game-changing Final Act passive, which gives you the use of your abilities even while downed. Using Projection/Dash to find enough safety to revive yourself and go on to win the fight is one of the greatest feelings you can have in Bloodhunt.

The Muse is also Bloodhunt's healer class, thanks entirely to its Rejuvenating Voice skill, a channelling spell which heals yourself and allies within range over time. You're obviously very vulnerable while healing though, and any damage you take interrupts the heal. Plus, the prevalence of healing items in Bloodhunt makes this ability a little less effective than you might think. Still, they're a very strong and often underutilised archetype, particularly in squad matches.

Choosing the Siren archetype in Bloodhunt's character selection screen.


  • Clan: Toreador
  • Clan Skill: Projection/Dash - Send out a projection of yourself, which you can teleport to at will.
  • Passive Skill: Kindred Charm - Nearby civilians are charmed, temporarily making them act friendly towards you and your team.
  • Archetype Skill: Blinding Beauty - Slowly erupt into pure beauty, blinding and damaging all nearby enemies.

Finally there's the Siren, and it's a testament to how balanced all these archetypes really are that the worst character in the game can be this strong. Obviously the Toreador Clan's Projection/Dash skill is a huge boon of being the Siren, giving you all the movement and misdirection capabilities of the Muse. But you also have the safety provided by Kindred Charm, which entrances nearby Mortals, making it easier to go after specific Blood Resonance types, and also making it less likely that you'll ever become the target of a Bloodhunt.

The other skill in the Siren's repertoire is Blinding Beauty, an inititation skill which blinds and damages enemies within close range. This makes the Siren an effective melee character, as you can use Projection/Dash to close the distance between you and an enemy, blind them, and then hack them down with gusto. It's just a little much to ask for everyone you meet in a match to fall victim to this one combo. All it takes is for the enemy to have any kind of escape skill to put some distance between you again, robbing you of your one true advantage in battle.

As you can probably tell, each of the Bloodhunt archetypes brings at least one (and often two or three) very powerful skills to the table, and any of them can be used to win a match. Hopefully this primer has given you a better idea of the abilities each character has at their disposal. If you're struggling to earn kills and wins, then try a different character - or perhaps develop your own skills with our top Bloodhunt tips and tricks guide for beginners!

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