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Humble's spring sale offers discounts on Resident Evil Village, Satisfactory

And many more

Humble's spring sale is underway, with a decent set of discounts on some big games including Satisfactory, Valheim and Deep Rock Galactic. I am of course going to highlight Cyberpunk 2077 in particular though, which is 50% off.

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At this point I can't tell what the consensus is on Cyberpunk 2077 anymore. Is it the most disappointing game ever, a seven out of ten, or a gem with a few rough edges? These days, I'd strictly answer with the latter, because I'm in love with its world and characters. £25/$30 is a good price for such a big, beautiful game, too.

There are a bunch of smaller games in the sale as well, including those that are frequently discounted like Hollow Knight. As someone who finally caved and bought Hollow Knight in a sale last year, I realise that maybe it's someone else's turn to do the same this time.

Below you'll find a list of links to some of the better deals from the sale, which runs from now until May 24th. They're affiliate links, so we may receive some pennies if you buy something:

Or hit the full spring sale for all the discounts.

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