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Weird West's latest patch adds new options for stealth and melee combat

A million ways to be non-lethally taken down in the west

Weird West patch 1.02, the Snake-In-My_Boot update, is live now, and brings new ways to stealthily bean cowboys around the head to the supernatural cowboy RPG. Though the combat changes seem the most significant, the update also introduces inventory UI improvements and new travel encounters.

Here's a trailer that shows off the major changes:

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The new combat features include the ability to lethally take enemies down from stealth with melee weapons. Previously it was only possible to non-lethally attack enemies stealthily, but the change is designed to make players feel more like an assassin.

Likewise, there's now more choice when it comes to non-lethal playstyles. Hitting enemies with blunt weapons such as shovels and clubs, or fists and feet, will knock enemies unconscious when their health bar hits zero. Finally, you can now control where you throw dynamite and other projectile weapons by using the mouse to aim, while it should now also be easier to throw explosives throw doors and windows.

The update also adds two new travel encounters, Howling Hatch and Serpent's Mouth, whic the game can serve up while you're moving across the world map. WolfEye plan to keep adding more of these in future updates to help bulk out the variety the game has to offer.

Jeremy Peel liked shooting pigmen a lot in his Weird West review, finding its reactive systems chaotic and compelling. If you want to read more details about about this patch, you can find them via the Steam news post, or watch the video here for more details of what's still to come to the game in future updates.

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