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Weird West is getting permadeath and a new aiming mode in its next patch

Due for release next week

On September 13th, patch 1.04 will arrive for Weird West. The twin-stick shooter slash immersive sim slash supernatural cowboy bonanza has had several post-release quality-of-life updates, and 1.04 has some substantial additions of its own, including a new permadeath mode and an alternative aiming system.

Let's start with the "experimental" aiming sytem, in which "the camera controls are preserved while aiming." Here's a video of it briefly in action:

Cover image for YouTube videoWeird West - Patch 1.04 Preview - Alternative Aiming System

Weird West's twin-stick controls were trickier to make work in 3D than you might initially expect, although the controls in general are also one of the main thing's I've seen people criticise most. I'm curious if this helps folks at all.

Next up is "Nimpossible mode", which introduces permadeath to Weird West. In this mode, manual saves aren't possible and you'll only have a single auto-save slot. While playing, you can discover "Nimp Heads" which will let you revive if killed, but if you run out of them, death is permanent and your save is deleted.

This is obviously designed for experienced players, and if you do decide to play it this way, you'll also find some new side content that fills out t he lore oef the Nimp Heads and the resurrection process. This brief video shows the starting point of the new narrative thread.

Patch 1.04 will also come with some miscellaneous tweaks, as described in a Steam news post, including a tracker for your kill count, a tweak to attacks with blunt weapons, and an optional higher amount of slow motion while aiming for folks who want it.

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