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Wordle answer (Sunday 15 May 2022): Wordle #330 solution and hints

Here's the answer to Wordle #330

A close-up of part of a Wordle grid. The letters spell "what is the answer".
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Looking for the Wordle answer for Sunday 15 May 2022? There's no better way to start a Sunday than with a Wordle, the daily puzzle game in which you must guess a 5-letter word. It's free, easy to play online, and the perfect way to spend that spare 5 minutes while making a cup of tea. So, pop on the kettle, head over to the comfiest chair, and get on your thinking cap.

If there's anything that a Sunday shouldn't be, it's stressful. So, if you're struggling with today's Wordle, you'll find a few handy hints below. If you just want the solution, you'll also find today's Wordle answer for Sunday 15 May.

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Wordle hints for Sunday 15 May 2022

If you're after some hints for today's Wordle, we've got you covered. Simply follow the clues below for a little bit of help with this Wordle:

  • Today's Wordle starts with a "Y".
  • The solution has two vowels.
  • Medieval soldiers might shout this when surrendering in battle.
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Wordle answer for Sunday 15 May 2022

If you're ready to surrender yourself, that's okay. Don't worry, we won't tell. Sometimes you just need a win, so here's the solution:

The answer to today's Wordle is: YIELD.

Yield is a common term for the amount of crops gathered from a harvest. A good yield has lots of healthy crops, which means there are lots of fresh fruit and veggies at the shop. However, you might also hear it at the theatre, in a TV show, or in fantasy games, as soldiers may shout "I yield!", to surrender.

There's no need to start a war yourself, though, so keep today's Wordle solution secret from your friends and family. Wordle has become something of a daily pasttime for many, and there's no fun in ruining the solution for others.

That covers today's Wordle solution for Sunday 15 May 2022. If you want to prepare for tomorrow's word, take a look at our list of the best Wordle starting words. Wordle doesn't repeat words, so you may also want to familiarise yourself with the past Wordle answers so that you don't waste a guess.

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