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Compete to solve Wordle puzzles against others in WeWordle

Wordle but stressful

Wordle is a puzzle game I play for a few minutes each day in order to relax. WeWordle, by comparison, isn't relaxing at all. It's a multiplayer variant where both players take it in turns to guess words on the same board, which means that each helpful guess you make is also helping your opponent.

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It's possible to think of WeWordle as a co-operative game, given that you're both working towards solving the same answer. It doesn't feel like that, however. Making the winning guess makes a "You WIN" message appear on screen, and you get the opposite should your opponent make the winning move or if time moves out.

That makes it stressful to play. Can you think of the correct word before the time runs out? Is your opponent about to solve it on their next turn? Is your guess going to be incorrect, but provide the vital clues your opponent needs?

I'm not sure there's any real way to 'game' that back and forth. I don't think I could guess words which revealed letters but simultaneously threw my opponent off the trail, for example. The time limit also leads to the slightly unsatisfying act of both players writing in any old word, even those with letters that have already been excluded, just to make sure time doesn't run out on them.

If you want to give WeWordle a shot, you can do so for free in your browser. There are apparently around 100 players online at the time of writing, and I found it matched me with a stranger to play with pretty quickly.

For those of you who, like me, continue to play regular Wordle for a brief respite from the day, you might also enjoy some of our Wordle guides.

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