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Path Of Exile: Eater of Worlds boss fight guide

Pondering the orbs

Need a hand with the new Eater of Worlds boss fight in Path Of Exile? Siege of the Atlas has arrived and brings four new endgame bosses to Path Of Exile. Two of these are considered pinnacle bosses; The Searing Exarch and The Eater of Worlds. While the Exarch fight is fairly straightforward, The Eater of Worlds features some unique mechanics that can doom the unprepared. If you aren’t sure how to deal with the Eater’s beam phase, we’re here to help.

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Path Of Exile: Eater of Worlds boss fight

Most of The Eater of Worlds’ abilities are standard Path Of Exile boss fare. There are huge tentacle slams, massive lightning explosions, and various projectiles to dodge. In particular, you need to look out for the floating grey balls that drift around the arena. Touching one of these will heavily slow you. Stand inside them for too long, and you will instantly die. If you get hit by one of these, use a movement skill like Flame Dash to get away as quickly as possible.

How to charge the orbs in the Eater of Worlds boss fight

Eventually, the Eater will float up into the air and fire a blue beam onto the ground. This beam creates an expanding energy field that deals significant damage over time and tracks the player around the arena. You can outrun the beam or heal through it, but the degenerative field will expand until it covers the arena. Then, it explodes and kills you.

The orb mechanic in the Eater of Worlds fight in Path Of Exile

You can end this attack by charging the purple orbs that appear around the arena. These grounded counterparts to the floating grey orbs require you to stand in their radius for about half a second, at which point they will flash. You can see the difference above, where the orb on the left has just been charged. Do this on every purple orb, and the beam will dissipate. The Eater will return to the ground, and you can get back to fighting.

How to access and repeat The Eater of Worlds boss fight

Just like with The Searing Exarch, all you need to do to reach The Eater of Worlds is follow along with endgame quest steps from Kirac and the Envoy. Progress through the Atlas, defeat The Infinite Hunger, and then run a Tier 13, 14, 15, and 16 map with The Eater’s influence to earn your invitation. Defeat this story version of the boss to earn the Grasping Voidstone, which will raise the tiers of all maps in your Atlas. You can also earn another invitation by completing 24 Tier 14+ maps with The Eater’s influence. Keep in mind that this second, repeatable version of the fight is tougher. This Eater of Worlds will have more health and higher damage, especially if you roll extra modifiers onto the invitation.

That’s everything you need to avoid getting swallowed by The Eater of Worlds! Like most of the new Siege of the Atlas fights, this one is pretty manageable once you know the arena mechanics. Speaking of the other bosses, we have guides to all three now. Check out our guides to The Infinite Hunger, The Black Star, and The Searing Exarch if you need a hand. If you haven't yet gotten started with Sentinel league, check out our guides to the best Sentinel league starters and Atlas passive strategies!

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