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Path Of Exile: Infinite Hunger boss fight guide and arena mechanics

Just keep swimming

Trying not to drown against the new Infinite Hunger boss in Path Of Exile? Siege Of The Atlas has arrived, and with it four new endgame bosses for Path Of Exile players to take on. One of the first you’ll fight is The Infinite Hunger, an all-consuming, fleshy mass of tentacles. The Infinite Hunger fight is mostly pretty straightforward, but one particular phase can doom you if you don’t know the arena mechanics. If you’re struggling with the fight, this guide is here to help.

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How to find the portal back to The Infinite Hunger’s arena

The fight starts off much like any other boss battle. The Infinite Hunger’s attacks are pretty readable and generally easy to dodge. Before long though, the sludge around the rim of the arena starts to close in. You can stick to the high ground for a while, but eventually, you will be overcome and drown in the sludge.

At this point, you will drop onto a small island in a river of that nasty sludge. Smaller monsters will constantly spawn and attack. All the while, a debuff stacks up, reducing your armor and evasion for the remainder of the fight. There is a portal back to the main arena hidden in the river, but if you wander around aimlessly that debuff will stack to deadly levels.

Thankfully, there’s a trick to this. Look closely at the sludge river to see which direction it is flowing. Much of it is stagnant, but parts are always moving. No matter where you go in this area, the sludge flows towards the portal. Follow the flow from island to island and you will be back to the fight in no time.

Following the flow of the river to the portal in The Infinite Hunger boss fight

You can move through the sludge, but it heavily slows your character. It is strongly recommended that you take Flame Dash into this fight. Any movement skill will help, but Flame Dash’s instant teleportation will get you from island to island faster. Even on a non-caster, it’s worth throwing on a level 1 Flame Dash for most boss fights.

The rest of this fight is fairly easy. The Infinite Hunger’s attacks don’t get particularly dangerous unless you let that debuff stack up very high. You can also skip the drowning phase outright by just killing him before it starts. High DPS builds can trivialize this fight.

How to access The Infinite Hunger

Getting the keys to the new Siege Of The Atlas boss fights is fairly simple. Just follow Kirac and The Envoy’s quest steps through the Atlas until you can run a Tier 12 map with The Eater of World’s influence. Defeating that map boss will drop the quest key to The Infinite Hunger’s arena. Once you’ve defeated both The Infinite Hunger and The Eater of Worlds, you can spawn them again by simply completing Tier 14+ maps with their influence. You can track your progress at the bottom of your Atlas. Keep in mind that the “story” version of this fight you encounter the first time is much easier. The repeatable versions of these bosses deal more damage and have more health.

That’s everything you need to defeat The Infinite Hunger in Path Of Exile! This boss is pretty straightforward once you know how to navigate the river phase. Find that portal quickly and you will have no trouble at all. If you need more boss help, we’ve got guides to The Black Star’s equally tricky arena, plus The Searing Exarch and The Eater of Worlds. If you're diving into Sentinel league, check out our guides to Sentinel league starters and Atlas passive strategies!

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