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Roller Champions finally transitions into its first season next week

Ubisoft’s team roller-skating game arrives after three years of testing

Skating derby free-to-play Roller Champions enters its ‘kickoff’ season on May 25th, Ubisoft have revealed in a new trailer for the game. Set in 2032, Roller Champions sees two teams of three battle it out in the world of competitive roller-skating. No, I didn’t realise that was a thing either. Check out the trailer below:

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The aim is to pass four gates placed around the skating rink to open up the goal and score by throwing a ball through it. Doing more laps before you shoot for the goal increases the points you’ll score, and the first team to reach five wins. If you don’t have possession of the ball you can tackle opposing skaters to get it back. There’s some handy moves like dodges and dive passes to avoid being tackled.

The first season will come with a variety of quick and custom match modes, and there will be limited time modes and ranked matches too. Personally, I'm just glad to see a practice mode in the mix, so I can work on my skills a bit before inevitably being tackled by gangs of seven-year-olds. Naturally, there's a season pass you'll be able to dip into as well, with both a free track and paid premium tier.

Matt (RPS in Peace) thought that Roller Champions was the best game he played at E3 2019, back when it was first announced, but didn’t know at the time if he’d play it again when it was due to launch in, gulp, 2020. Well, you can soon Matt. “I was skating up to the hoop with the ball in hand,” he said. “I passed to my pal, moments before being tackled to the ground. My pal passed once more, avoiding the same fate - and then finally, FINALLY, our third teammate scored. We erupted," he said of his E3 demo.

Roller Champions launches its first season on May 25th on Ubisoft Connect. If you’re interested then keep an eye on the Roller Champions site for more details.

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