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Old World ventures out of Epic exclusivity today to invade Steam and GOG

Heroes Of The Aegean DLC is free for the first two weeks after launch

Mohawk Games’ classical 4X with added babies and grandads Old World arrives on Steam and GOG today, ending its period of exclusivity to the Epic Games Store. Old World’s first DLC, Heroes Of The Aegean, is out today on all storefronts too. It brings the Hittites into Old World, led by Ḫattušili I. The DLC would usually set you back £9/$10/€10.

Old World's Heroes Of The Aegean DLC introduces the Hittite civilisation.Watch on YouTube

However, Heroes Of The Aegean will be free to keep for the first two weeks after Old World releases. The DLC introduces some of Greece’s greatest historical leaders such as King Leonidas of 300 sweaty-men renown and Alexander the Great of ridiculously coiffured Colin Farrell infamy. They better have war-elephants. There’s quite a few intriguing scenarios from 200 years of Hellenic history included, from the Battle of Thermopylae to conquering Greece as Macedonia with Philip II, so not too shabby for a freebie.

Nate was rather taken with the Civilization-alike in his Old World review, comparing it to that weirdest of reptiles: the tuatara. “Much like the tuatara with its ultra-weird subdermal peeper, Old World conceals a whole different nature,” he said. “Honestly, I’d advise you not to get invested in your first few goes at Old World. Don’t try to win, as you’ll only get confused. Just dick about, making decisions based entirely on intuition, and concentrate on getting an instinct for what happens as a result of them.” Think that’s my weekend sorted then.

Old World is out today on Steam and GOG for £32/$36/€36, and the Heroes Of The Aegean DLC is free to keep if you grab it now.

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