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Civ 4 designer's Old World launches in a month

With the composer of Civ 4's Baba Yetu tootling away too

After a year in early access, the new turn-based civilisation-building strategy game designed by Soren Johnson (lead designer of Civilization 4) is about done. Mohawk Games today announced that Old World will launch in full on the 1st of July, which somehow is only one month away? Mohawk also announced that Old World will have tunes from Christopher Tin, the composer behind Civ 4's award-winning theme, Baba Yetu.

Tin has composed for several Civilization games, including the main themes of Civs 4 and 6. Won a Grammy award for Baba Yetu and all. He also did music for Offworld Trading Company, the previous game from Johnson and Mohawk Games.

While Civilization might seem an obvious point of comparison here, given the people working on it, our Old World early access review last year found it was its own beastie, with an interesting order system and a focus on dynasties built with heirs.

"The deeper you wade into Old World the less like Civilization it becomes, until soon it's only really the hexagons and the race to build a Parthenon tying them together," Steve Hogarty said. "It's a story engine as much as it's a strategy game, one that revels in the playful details of the past, and represents history's ancient rulers not as the pompous set of weirdos we're all familiar with, but as capricious drunks, disastrous idiots and beautiful freaks with monkey butlers."

Old World is available exclusively from the Epic Games Store for £32, and apparently that's where it'll remain for the time being. Today's announcement made no mention of Steam, GOG, or other stores, only Epic. Maybe they'll say something closer to launch? Surely it won't remain an Epixclusive*? Mysteries. I've asked 'em.

*Yes, I am continuing to coin the worst terms I can.
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