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10 Crowns is a historical 4X from Civ 4 designer's studio


After blasting off to space for financial strategy action in their debut game, Offworld Trading Company, Civilization IV lead designer Soren Johnson's studio, Mohawk Games, are coming back down to Earth for something more familiar in their second. 10 Crowns is its name, and historical turn-based 4X strategy is its game. Details are vague for now and 10 Crowns sounds early in development but publishers Starbreeze seem jolly excited so they announced the game today.

"10 Crowns is an epic-scale turn-based strategy game that lets players create the greatest dynasty in world history," Starbreeze said in today's announcement. As they don't state otherwise, let's assume that the objective is to collect and wear all ten crowns at once in a teetering tower.

Johnson isn't the only Civ fella at Mohawk. Art director and fellow co-founder Dorian Newcomb was an artist on several Civs before becoming art lead on Civ V, and programmers Jason Winokur and Alex Mantzaris have worked on Firaxis's series too.

"Everyone here at Mohawk is very excited to work with Starbreeze on 10 Crowns, going back to our game development roots to make a classic historical 4X strategy game with some important and radical innovations to the genre," Soren Johnson said in today's announcement. "I look forward to sharing more about the design with the strategy game community and involving them in development as early as possible"

Starbreeze don't say when we should expect to play 10 Crown. They note that it "is currently in prototyping stages of development" and only show concept art, so probably quite a while.

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