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Offworld Trading Company devs launching Old World into early access in May

From the designer of Civilization IV

Mohawk Games, the studio led by Civilization IV designer Soren Johnson, today announced an early access release date for Old World. Next Tuesday, May 5th is when we'll get to try the historical 4X strategy game they've been working on since Offworld Trading Company. If you too first thought "Wait, is this not Amazon's MMORPG?" then you too have confused Old World with New World. No, this is the game formerly known as 10 Crowns. And as our Nate found when he recently had a play, Old World is "not a Civilization game at all, despite its looks."

When Nate played a preview version, he came away gabbing about bits like playing an actual character with goals and a family rather than a broad concept of a nation's will.

"Your player character doesn't exist in isolation, either," he said. "They have a whole modelled family tree, all of whom are entwined in personal politics with each other, and with their counterparts among the nations representing your allies and enemies. At one point, playing as the Romans (Ghoastus forced me to), I was accosted by the Persian king Cyrus, who had been insulted by his son, and had to decide who to back in the argument. In the end, I went with the son – sure, it would ruin diplomatic relations with Persia for a decade or so, but old Cyrus was getting on a bit, and so it was in my longer term interest to cosy up to his son."

Risky business, getting involved in another family's squabbles. For a man who loves mockney slang, he hasn't learned much from Eastenders.

Old World will enter early access on the Epic Games Store on May 5th, priced at £32. The full and finished launch will come... later? I'll probably wait because I can only hold the rules to so many 4X games in my head at once and needing to relearn bits after big updates would cause all sorts of short-circuits, but it'll be there to try if you want it.

I believe Nate will have more to tell us about Old World at some point.

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