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SteelSeries mice and headsets are discounted at Amazon UK

Including the Aerox 5 Wireless, our best lightweight wireless mouse pick.

Good news, everyone! Our pick for the best lightweight wireless mouse, the Aerox 5 Wireless, is discounted by 35% on Amazon UK. That's not all either, as the wired version of the same mouse and a host of other SteelSeries mice and headsets are also discounted.

RPS hardware mega-fan James checked out the Aerox 5 Wireless quite recently, where he was impressed with the mouse's lightweight design (74g is great for a wireless mouse), slick feet, water resistance and surfeit of thumb buttons. He also notes that the scroll wheel is 'one of the best [he's] felt in a long time', which helps it stand against incredibly popular mice like the Logitech G502 Hero and Razer Basilisk V3 while weighing far less. There's Bluetooth support on board, but you'll want to use the low latency 2.4GHz wireless for PC gaming.

The wired version is unsurprisingly even lighter at 66g, with a super-flexible cable that makes it feel surprisingly untethered for a wired option. It's significantly cheaper, even at this discounted price, and is probably worth considering it you can't be bothered to recharge your mice now and again.

The other SteelSeries peripherals on offer via the link above include a range of RPS favourites, including the wired Arctis 1, Arctis Pro and Arctis Pro plus GameDAC gaming headsets. These offer a comfortable design and excellent sound, especially the version that comes with the GameDAC. There are also a range of cheaper mice, including the ultralight Aerox 3 Wireless and Prime rodents, and more traditional options like the Rival 3 and Rival 3 Wireless. All are pretty solid choices, truth be told, although the Aerox 5 Wireless is my go-to pick here.

Thanks for joining us on another deal, and we'll catch you on the next one soon! As always, your feedback via the comments section is greatly valued - even if I sometimes take a day or two to respond!

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