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Popverse is a new pop culture site from our business dad

Marvel! DC! Star Wars! Anime!

Video games are arguably the only form of entertainment you need these days, but hey, who doesn't like an extra bit of pop culture on the old tellybox now and then, eh? Maybe you're actually seated on a throne of graphic novels and comic books while you read this. Stranger things have happened. If that sounds like an accurate description of your fine self, then behold! Our corporate family at Reedpop have just launched Popverse, a new site dedicated to covering comic books, movies (films if you’re British) and anime and manga.

There’s already a starship's load of features about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, DC movies and Star Wars on there, so go have a readathon. The relaunched site also covers the professional wrestling scene, which is surely even more fantastical than Tolkien’s greatest works.

Popverse will be led by editor-in-chief Chris Arrant, who has yonks of experience writing about all the ol’ pop culture stuff. You can read his welcome letter right here. He’s even been a judge for the Eisner Awards – one of the comic book industry’s highest honours – so he really knows his Elephantmen from his Blacksad. Deputy editor Tiffany Babb is well experienced too, and she enjoys the musicals of the late legendary composer Stephen Sondheim. A dynamic duo if ever there was one. Don’t tell Bruce I said that, Chris and Tiffany.

Together with their army of freelance contributors, they'll be covering everything from the greatest horror movies of all time, how to navigate conventions with a disability, and their top Asian and Asian American graphic novel recommendations for kids of all ages. There's plenty more to be found on there, too, so why not have a look when you get a spare minute or two?

You may even spot some words from RPS' very own guides writer Hayden on there (don't worry, Hayden's still loyal to Horace and the RPS Treehouse, he's not going anywhere), who's written an insightful piece about the upcoming Marvel cinematic sequel Thor: Love And Thunder, in addition to ranking all the Star Wars movies from best to worst. I won’t spoil his ranking, but to quote the god of thunder himself: Hayden – I would have words with thee.

Congrats to the whole Popverse squad today!

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