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How to use a controller on PC in Path Of Exile: Setting up and remapping DualShock and Xbox controllers

Everything you need to setup your controller in Path Of Exile

Trying to figure out how to use a controller in Path Of Exile on PC? Controller users rejoice; the PC version of Path Of Exile finally has full controller support. The game will now automatically detect DualShock and xinput style pads natively, including PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X controllers. However, the processes of switching input types and mapping skills to buttons aren’t entirely obvious. This guide will help you get your controller fully set up so you can take on Sentinel league.

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How to use a controller on PC in Path Of Exile's standalone client and Steam

Path Of Exile now has native support for Xbox-style and DualShock controllers, so all you’ll need to do is plug a controller in in and change your input type in the settings menu. However, you can only change inputs from the log-in screen, so you will need to do this before you actually start playing. Just go to the input tab of your options menu and select an input from the drop-down menu. If you have “auto input selection” checked, you can use your controller to navigate the log-in screen. The game will then automatically switch your input mode to controller when you enter character select this way.

Remapping skills on a PS4 controller in Path Of Exile

How to remap skills and flask on controller in Path Of Exile

Your skills are automatically bound to the face buttons on your controller. You have four available with a single button press, plus eight more you can cast by holding down your left or right trigger and pressing a face button. However, skills bind to a slot automatically as you equip them, so if you’re just switching over you may find that your main active skills aren’t where you would like them to be.

To remap skills on your controller in Path Of Exile, you need to click your right stick to enter remapping mode. From here, you can use your right stick and triggers to navigate through each slot and remap your skills. Generally, you’ll want to lump auras that you leave on together so that you don’t accidentally toggle them off.

Remapping Flasks on a controller in Path Of Exile

Your flasks are bound to your bumpers and D-pad. To rebind them, just open your inventory, unequip the flask you want to move, and then re-equip it to your preferred slot by selecting it from your inventory. Each of your five slots correlates to a button automatically.

That's everything you need to start playing Path Of Exile with a controller! If you need a build to pair with your new input, check out our Sentinel league start build recommendations. Once you get rolling, visit our guide to Sentinel league mechanics and stratgies to maximize your loot.

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