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Dracula simulator V Rising should be getting an offline mode in the next few days

Just hang on until sunrise

Open-world vampire survival sim V Rising will be getting a much-demanded offline mode very soon, Stunlock Studios have confirmed. The announcement was made to players by community manager Jeremy Bearson on the game’s Discord yesterday. The bloodsucking gothic action game has been doing pretty well for itself on Steam since it launched on May 17th. It’s beating Destiny 2 for concurrent player numbers at the moment.

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V Rising already has co-op PvE and PvP servers, but a lot of players have been begging for an offline solo mode. Bearson said that the developers at Stunlock are working on implementing offline servers as soon as possible, clarifying that they're aiming for the next few days and maybe sooner. A small patch went live this morning to improve server stability and performance, as well as making sure haystacks don’t push you out of them when you try to hide inside. Naughty haystacks.

Ed compared the game to Valheim in his V Rising preview. He’s a teensy bit obsessed with it now. “By the end of our session, we all struggled to pull ourselves away from our vampiric lives to attend to our actual human lives," he said, "and for one fleeting moment, I swear we all considered whether it was possible to live without sunlight.” Please take off the cape, Ed. Ed? Ed, nooo!

V Rising is out on Steam in Early Access now and costs £16/$20/€20. Check out Ollie’s top tips and tricks for V Rising if you’re struggling to suck blood.

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