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Temtem, a Pokémon-like MMO, will leave early access this September

It's almost Timetime

'Monster taming' is a genre larger than just Pokémon, such that I always feel a little bad drawing comparisons to the genre's dominant force when talking about other games inspired by it.

But then, just look at Temtem. It's not exactly hiding its inspirations. Temtem is undoubtedly like Pokémon, but set in a world populated by other players. After a couple of years in early access, the developers announced today that they're aiming for to hit 1.0 this September.

There's a new release date trailer to mark the announcement:

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In Temtem, you set out to be the very best Temtem tamer you can be. You run about, encounter wild temtem in tall grass, battle them, catch them, level them up, then do more battles against, among others, 'Temtem Leaders' wot are definitely not gym leaders. Developers Crema have gradually added more islands to explore and temtem to catch during early access.

Where it does differ is in its online component, which lets you play the entire game via drop-in co-op with a friend. There are also features familiar from MMOs, like the ability to buy and decorate an in-game house and invite your pals over to see it.

Temtem's version 1.0, when it arrives on September 6th, will add "Endgame Island", the game's final region. It'll also kick-off new seasonal updates and a Battle Pass with both free and premium rewards.

Some folks on RPS had a brief flirtation with Temtem back around its initial launch in early 2020. Alice B was hot for teacher, Sin was salivating over the temtem themselves, while Cian Maher asked the hard questions by comparing it to some of the modern Pokémon recent games.

September is still a ways off, but you can find out more about the game on Steam, including recent additions such as mounts.

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