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Temtem starter guide: The best Temtem to choose

Learn how to get every starter in Temtem

Want to know the best starter in Temtem? There are three starter Temtem that you can choose, and they make for very different experiences in the early game. Before exploring the entire Airborne Archipelago and gaining access to every type under the Pansun, your options will be limited. With that in mind, you'll need to rely on your starter Temtem for most fights, making this an incredibly important choice.

In this guide, we'll help you choose your starter Temtem and explain which starter is best. We'll also break down where to catch each starter Temtem, so that you can collect all three starters for your team.

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Temtem starters: Which starter Temtem should you pick?

Temtem is a creature collecting multiplayer RPG that sends you off on an adventure through the Airborne Archipelago. However, that journey begins with your starter Temtem. This is a step that will feel immediately familiar to anyone who's played Pokemon before: you will get a selection of three rare Temtem to take as your starter, and you must choose one. Your partner Temtem will be your most-trusted ally, and your best pal as you run around defeating Dojo masters and thwarting the evil plans of Clan Belsoto.

Below, you'll find a list of the three starter Temtem:

  • Crystle (Crystal)
  • Houchic (Mental)
  • Smazee (Melee)

For beginners to the monster-catching craze, the best starter Temtem is Crystle. Crystle will have the type advantage against many Temtem throughout the beginning of your adventure on the island of Deniz, meaning you won't need to worry about catching and training many other types. During the first Dojo in Arrisola, Dojo master Sophia will use an Electric type Sparzy which can prove devastating to the unprepared, but Crystle can use super effective Crystal type moves to easily defeat it.

While Houchic and Smazee are both powerful Temtem, they are less effective in the early game. Houchic is weak to Electric types, of which there are many on the starting island of Deniz. You'll have a tough fight against Temtem such as Ganki, Scarawatt, Nessla, and Sparzy, making your starter almost useless for the first five hours.

Smazee lies in the middle as an average pick. It won't have type advantage against many Temtem on the first island, but you shouldn't find many opponents that are super effective against Melee either. However, since Crystle does have a clear advantage against many early game Temtem, it's an obvious pick for the best starter.

However, your choice of starter Temtem ultimately won't matter in the long run. Unlike the Pokemon series, all of the starter Temtem are available to catch in the wild. We'll explain where to catch each starter Temtem in the next section.

Where to catch the starter Temtem

Regardless of whether you choose Crystle, Houchic, or Smazee as your starter Temtem, you can get them all before the end of your adventure. They are incredibly rare, so you might need to grind in one spot for a while until you get lucky, but it is possible to find them all. Below, we'll explain where to catch each starter Temtem.

Where to catch Crystle in Temtem

Crystle is the first starter that you can catch in the wild, and it is available much earlier than the others. You can catch Crystle in the Mines of Mictlan on the island of Tucma, which you will explore after the airship crashes on the way to Kisiwa.

To find Crystle in the Mines of Mictlan, head to the Southwest chunk of the Tucma underground. There is a stretch of tunnels where Crystle will spawn, although it appears very rarely.

Where to catch Houchic in Temtem

Houchic is available much later, as you can only catch Houchic in the Meadowdale area of Arbury. Once you arrive in the town of Lochburg, head to the West and exit the town. There is a patch of grass by this exit from Lochburg that you must pass through to advance, and this is the only patch of grass where you can catch Houchic.

Arbury is the final story island of the game (not including the endgame island) and is inaccessible for most of the game. It'll take a while to get there, but you can catch and train a Houchic before reaching the endgame island if you dream of using multiple starters against Temtem's toughest opponents.

Where to catch Smazee in Temtem

Smazee, the Melee type starter, is also found on the island of Arbury. You can catch Smazee in the Greenglen Forest area of Arbury, in the Northwest patch of grass. If you are leaving Properton via the East exit, then head directly North to easily find this area.

That wraps up our Temtem starter guide. If you're still on the first island, there are plenty of other rare Temtem that you can get to boost your team, such as Barnshe and Oceara. If you want to learn how to evolve the starters or other Temtem, take a look at our list of every Temtem and how to get them. Finally, check out our guide on how to get Luma Temtem if you want to build a competitive team or catch Temtem with a rarer colour pattern.

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