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Temtem Oceara: location, full move set, and if you should catch it

You've probably seen a few people roaming around with Oceara, a Temtem that is one of the toughest in the first Dojo. It has some incredibly high base stats in speed and special attack, as well as access to some devastating water moves. It's a very tempting Temtem to go hunting for and does have its uses, but should you invest the time trying to find it?

Oceara Temtem

Temtem Oceara guide

In this Oceara guide for Temtem, I will be showing you where to find the elusive Oceara. There will also be some descriptions on the base stats, as well as the list of all of the brutal water moves it has access to. Do be sure to check out the rest of the Temtem list as there are plenty of other water-based options later on.

Temtem Oceara Aguamarina Caves location

Oceara location

You're going to need to have beaten the first Temtem Dojo in Arissola before you can find Oceara. You can find the Oceara by surfing into Aguamarina Caves, then head downstairs into the waterfall room and surf. The images below can be used to help locate Aguamarina Caves, as well as the stairs you need to take to eventually reach the waterfall room. You'll need to go to the following places:

  • Head to Brical de Mar and head to the beach.
  • Walk to the water to use your surfboard.
  • Sail around the docks and head north
  • It should be rather obvious when you reach it, as there is a small pool with a waterfall, and a lot of other Temtem tamers trying to find Oceara.

Temtem Oceara waterfall cave entrance map Temtem Oceara Aguamarina Caves 1

They'll be around levels 17 and will have access to the techniques Kick, High-pressure Water, and Tsunami. It has a very low encounter rate, so you're going to be running around in circles. There's no other place that you can find Oceara.

Oceara techniques

Oceara is a pure Water type Temtem with some mostly okay attacks. These are the techniques that Oceara learns by levelling up:

  • Lv1: Kick
  • Lv10: High-pressure Water
  • Lv15: Tsunami
  • Lv20: Ice Shuriken
  • Lv28: Blizzard
  • Lv37: Flood
  • Lv45: Aquatic Whirlwind

Oceara courses

Sadly, Oceara cannot learn any courses or moves via breeding. This will likely change as the game exits Early Access, but for now it's worth noting this as a bit of a disadvantage.

Oceara strengths/weaknesses

  • Strong against: Fire, Water, Earth (1/2 resistance)
  • Weak to: Nature, Electric, Toxic (2x resistance)

temtem e

Should Oceara be in my party?

It depends when you find Oceara. If you go hunting for it as soon as you grab the surfboard, then you should have it in your party. It's also a great Temtem for dealing with the Fire types that populate the next island as Tsunami hits multiple Temtems at once for lots of damage. There are better Water types as you progress, as the type coverage is better catered for. Nessla is also a great water option when it eventually learns water moves, and that Temtem can heal itself, so it's up to what strategies you use.

There we have it. That's everything you need to learn about Oceara and why you should definitely have one. While Oceara can't evolve you can check out our Temtem evolutions guide to see other Temtem can evolve, as well as the rest of the currently available Temtem.

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