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Temtem list: all the Kisiwa Temtem

All the Temtems!

A new region means brand new Temtem to hunt! This update adds quite a few battles and equipment, and it does seem like the new Temtem are powerful new additions to your team. But where do you find them and which ones take a few more steps to locate? Well we've updated our Temtem list so that you have an easy-to-find guide for all the Temtem in the game.

Main character is surfing around, looking for Nessla.

Here it is, the full Temtem list of currently known Temtem in the Early Access version of the game. It includes all types and the locations of where to find them. We've also included details of the Temtem that can be found in the new Kisiwa region, and how to get the elusive creatures.

Some Temtem can only be evolved from a smaller form, so check out our Temtem evolutions guide for all the evolution methods.

A Temtem battle with Banapi and Nessla teaming up against a Skali and a Tateru.

Temtem locations

There's around 90 or so critters that you can throw Temtem cards at. All of this is in the hopes of completing yet another entry in the Tempedia, the game's way of logging all of the creatures you have captured.

Some of the Temtem are highly sought after for stats, or can only be found in specific locations. To learn more about them, do consult our more in-depth guides on these Temtem and why you should or shouldn't think about adding them to your team.

Note that we will be adding dedicated guides for the new Kisiwa region Temtem in the near future.

Entering Temtem's Saipark

How to get to the Saipark

The Saipark is Temtem's equivalent of the Safari Zone in Pokémon. You will need to have obtained the Rock-Hopping Hook to access Saipark. Once you have this key item, you will need to do the following to get to Saipark:

  1. Head to Deniz via the airship.
  2. Travel south from Arissola until you reach the Prasine Coast
  3. Travel south, keeping to the western edge. If you reach the mini-Temtem healing station, you've gone too far.
  4. Use the Rock-Hopping Hook to leap to the west and reach Saipark.

Once you've leapt across, talk to the woman at the kiosk to pay a set amount of cash and receive a set amount of Saicards. This fee and the amount of Saicards has changed since the feature was first introduced, but it seems to be based on the rarity of the currently available Temtem in the Saipark.

Saipark Temtem

Once you're able to reach Saipark, you'll be able to pay an initial fee and grab some special Saicards. These Saicards are slightly beefed up Temcards, but they're a lot more expensive and last only until the next rotation of Temtem. It's worth exploring both above ground and in the caves in this area to find the items lying around, but the main draw is to find the special Temtem that are available here.

These Temtem will usually be around the late level 30s and which ones are available change on a weekly basis. The cost to enter the Saipark is will also change on a weekly basis, and you'll get some Saicards as part of your entry fee.

You won't just encounter these Temtem though, as there are some that will always be in the Saipark. These are:

  • Saipat (outdoors)
  • Platox (caves and outdoors)
  • Skail (caves)

Rare Temtem do turn up in greater numbers here, so it's worth checking back to find out which Temtem are making a guest appearance.

The Saipark is not the only place to find the rare Temtem, so if you just want every single known creature's location, then consult the table below. It details the Temtem's name, types, and their location. You'll also find their rarity in brackets. Common ones tend to have an encounter rate of over 75%, while Uncommon Temtem have around 50% chance to find them. Rare Temtem and Very Rare Temtem have much lower odds, so you may find yourself running around in circles before you find them.

Just be sure to consult our Temtem type chart as you're hunting them. There's nothing worse than trying to weaken a Barnshe, only to use an Electric move on it and wiping it out instantly. The type chart can also be useful for taking on the Temtem dojos.

Temtem list

Temtem NameTemtem TypesTemtem Locations
OreeDigital? - Cipanku
PlatypetWater ToxicCorrupted Badlands (Common) - Tucma Xolot Reservoir (Common) - Tucma Mines of Mictlan (Common) - Tucma
PlatoxWater ToxicSaipark - Deniz
PlatimousWater ToxicN/A
SwaliNaturePraisine Coast (Common) - Deniz Thalassian Cliffs (Common) - Deniz
LoaliNature WindThe Canopath (Rare) - Omninesia Citeroir Omninesia (Rare) - Omninesia The Glassyway (Rare) - Omninesia
TateruNeutralPraisine Coast (Common) - Deniz Thalassian Cliffs (Common) - Deniz The Gifted Bridges (Uncommon) - Deniz Windward Fort (Rare) - Deniz Aguamarina Caves (Rare) - Deniz
PaharoWindPraisine Coast (Common) - Deniz Thalassian Cliffs (Common) - Deniz The Gifted Bridges (Common) - Deniz
PaharacWindThalassian Cliffs (Common) - Deniz The Gifted Bridges (Common) - Deniz The Canopath (Uncommon) - Omninesia The Flywalk (Uncommon) - Omninesia The Glassyway (Uncommon) - Omninesia Jino Gap (Common) - Kisiwa Kwea Uplands (Common) - Kisiwa
BunbunEarth CrystalMines of Mictlan (Uncommon) - Tucma Kakama Cenote (Uncommon) - Tucma
MudridEarth CrystalMines of Mictlan (Very Rare) - Tucma
HidodyNatureThe Canopath (Uncommon) - Omninesia Giant Banyan (Uncommon) - Omninesia The Glassyway (Uncommon) - Omninesia
TaifuNatureThe Glassyway (Rare) - Omninesia
FomuWaterSillaro River (Common) - Deniz Windward Fort (Uncommon) - Deniz Aguamarina Caves (Common) - Deniz
WiplumpWater WindThe Gifted Bridges (Common) - Deniz Sillaro River (Common) - Deniz Aguamarina Caves (Common) - Deniz
SkailNeutralPraisine Coast (Common) - Deniz Thalassian Cliffs (Common) - Deniz The Gifted Bridges (Common) - Deniz Windward Fort (Common) - Deniz Aguamarina Caves (Common) - Deniz Saipark - Deniz
SkunchNeutral MeleeAguamarina Caves (Very Rare) - Deniz Corrupted Badlands (Rare) - Tucma Xolot Reservoir (Uncommon) - Tucma
GotyNeutralMawingu Islets (Common) - Kisiwa
RhoulderNeutral EarthTalas Desert (Very rare) - Kisiwa Look in the central cave (with the vegetation, not the other one)
HouchicMentalStarter ? - Arbury
NagaiseMental WaterN/A
OrphyllNature ToxicCorrupted Badlands (Uncommon) - Tucma
NidrasilNature ToxicN/A
BanapiFireThe Hangroad (Common) - Omninesia The Glassyway (Rare) - Omninesia Anak Volcano (Uncommon) - Omninesia
LapiniteCrystalMines of Mictlan (Common) - Tucma
AzurocCrystalMines of Mictlan (Very Rare) - Tucma
ZenorethCrystalCrystal Shrine (Common) - Tucma
BiguNatureBreeding Babawa Only
BabawaNature WaterCiterior & Ulterior Omninesia waters (Common) - Omninesia Citerior Omninesia grass (Common) - Omninesia
KakuNaturePraisine Coast (Common) - Deniz Thalassian Cliffs (Common) - Deniz The Gifted Bridges (Common) - Deniz The Canopath (Common) - Omninesia Citerior Omninesia (Common) - Omninesia
SakuNature WindThe Gifted Bridges (Common) - Deniz The Canopath (Rare) - Omninesia
ValashNeutral CrystalMines of Mictlan (Very Rare) - Tucma Completing quest "Shipwrecked in Tucma!" (Gift) - Tucma
BarnsheMental WindWindward Fort top floor (Very Rare) - Deniz
GyalisCrystal MeleeMines of Mictlan (Very Rare) - Tucma
OccluraCrystalKupeleleza (Common) - Tucma
MyxCrystal MentalN/A
RaiberFireThe Glassyway (Common) - Omninesia Anak Volcano (Common) - Omninesia
RaicanFireThe Glassyway (Common) - Omninesia
PewkiWaterSillaro River (Common) - Deniz Windward Fort (Common) - Deniz Aguamarina Caves (Common) - Deniz
PiraniantWaterSillaro River (Common) - Deniz Aguamarina Caves (Common) - Deniz
OsuchiEarthJino Gap (Common) - Kisiwa
OsukanEarth MeleeN/A
OsukaiEarth MeleeN/A
SaipatWater MeleeThalassian Cliffs (Very Rare) - Deniz The Gifted Bridges (Common) - Deniz Sillaro River (Common) - Deniz Aguamarina Caves (Common) - Deniz Mare Nostrum (Common) - Deniz Saipark - Deniz
PyckoEarth FireTasa Desert (Uncommon) - Kisiwa
DrakashEarth FireN/A
CrystleCrystalStarter Mines of Mictlan - (Very Rare) - Tucma Kupeleleza - look at the furthest island to the east covered in grass (Very Rare) - Tucma
TorteniteCrystal ToxicN/A
HocusMentalThe Gifted Bridges (Very rare) - Deniz Climb up the cliff on this route.
PocusMental? - Arbury
SparzyElectric? - Cipanku
MushiToxicCorrupted Badlands (Common) - Tucma Xolot Reservoir (Common) - Tucma
MushookToxic MeleeN/A
MagmisFireAnak Volcano (Common) - Omninesia Outside Anak Volcano Rock Hopper Island (Common) - Omninesia
MastioneFireAnak Volcano (Rare) - Omninesia
UmishiWaterThalassian Cliffs (Common) - Deniz Sillaro River (Common) - Deniz Aguamarina Caves (Common) - Deniz
UkamaWaterThalassian Cliffs (Common) - Deniz The Gifted Bridges (Common) - Deniz Sillaro River (Common) - Deniz Aguamarina Caves (Common) - Deniz
RaignetUNKNOWN? - Cipanku
SmazeeMeleeStarter ? - Arbury
SeismunchMelee EarthN/A
ZizareEarthChini Grotto (Uncommon) - Kisiwa Kwea Uplands (Uncommon) - Kisiwa
KuriEarthMawingu Islets (Common) - Kisiwa
SprioleNatureThe Canopath (Common) - Omninesia The Hangroad (Common) - Omninesia The Glassyway (Common) - Omninesia Giant Banyan (Common) - Omninesia
DeendreNatureGiant Banyan (Common) - Omninesia Mokupuni Dojo (Gift) - Omninesia The Canopath (Common) - Omninesia
ToxolotlToxicXolot Reservoir (Common) - Tucma
BloozeToxicCorrupted Badlands (Common) - Tucma
ZephyruffToxic WindCorrupted Badlands (Common) - Tucma Kupeleleza (Common or Rare) - Tucma Small island west of Kupeleleza (Common) - Tucma
VolarendToxic WindSmall island west of Kupeleleza (Very Rare) - Tucma
GrumvelEarthJuu Tunnel (Common) - Kisiwa (Access from the north at Uhuru) Chini Grotto (Common) - Kisiwa
GrumperEarth ElectricN/A
GankiElectric WindThalassian Cliffs (Common) - Deniz The Gifted Bridges (Common) - Deniz Windward Fort (Common) - Deniz
GazumaElectric WindMatope Road (Common) - Kisiwa
OcearaWaterAguamarina Caves Waterfall (Very Rare) - Deniz
YowlarNeutralNot in the current build
DroplyWater EarthMawingu Islets (Common - Kisiwa Surf the water on the circular island. Juu Tunnel (Common) - Kisiwa In the water through the door to the right as you pass through the cave.
GaryoWater EarthN/A
ShuineCrystal WaterKakama Cenote (Very Rare) - Tucma
NesslaWater ElectricThalassian Cliffs pool (Very Rare) - Deniz Sillaro River Near Turqesa (Very Rare) - Deniz
ValiarMental? - Arbury
KalazuWaterThalassian Cliffs (Common) - Deniz Sillaro River (Common) - Deniz Aguamarina Caves (Common) - Deniz
KalabyssWater ToxicThalassian Cliffs (Common) - Deniz Sillaro River (Common) - Deniz Aguamarina Caves (Common) - Deniz Xolot Reservoir (Common) - Tucma
AdoroborosToxic MentalN/A
TuwaiWindZalar (Gift) - Deniz Corrupted Badlands Crystal Shrine (Very Rare) - Tucma
TukaiWind WaterN/A
TuvineWind CrystalN/A
TurocWind EarthN/A
KinuNature MentalGiant Banyan (Very Rare) - Omninesia
VulvirFire EarthAnak Volcano (Common) - Omninesia
VulorFire EarthMines of Mictlan (Uncommon) - Omninesia
VulcraneFire EarthComplete quest "Shipwrecked in Tucma!" (Gift) - Tucma
AkranoxEarth ToxicTasa Desert (Uncommon) - Kisiwa
VulffyEarth NatureTasa Desert (Uncommon) - Kisiwa
PigepicWindPrasine Coast (Common) - Deniz Thalassian Cliffs (Common) - Deniz The Gifted Bridges (Common) - Deniz
AnahirCrystal FireAnak Volcano (Gift) - Omninesia

Thanks for checking out our Temtem list guide. The list will constantly be updated as soon as more Temtem are put into the game. In the meantime, why not check out our guides for Temtem gear locations and Temtem Course locations. Both these types of items can help augment your team composition to an unstoppable force.

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