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Temtem list: Where to catch every Temtem

A full list of every Temtem, where to catch them, and how to evolve them

Looking for a full list of every Temtem and where to find them? There are over 160 Temtem in the full release, offering a creature catching collection that rivals the initial lineup of Pokemon available in Red and Blue. However, these Temtem are spread across the many islands of the Airborne Archipelago, and it's going to be a huge challenge to find them all.

In this guide, we'll provide a full list of every Temtem, their type, and provide a quick summary of where to find them all. For Temtem evolutions, we also provide the necessary requirements to gain that Temtem via evolution.

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Every Temtem and where to catch them

If you want to be the best tamer in the Airborne Archipelago, you'll need to find and catch every Temtem. Below, you'll find a table showing every Temtem in the same order as the Tempedia and where to catch them.

Temtem Location Type Tempedia Number
Mimit Cipanku: Iwaba (after completing Ecosystem Balance side quest) Digital 001
Oree Cipanku: Rice Fields/Pillars of Highabove Digital 002
Zaobian Evolve Oree (level up 35 times) Digital 003
Chromeon Cipanku: Pillars of Highabove Digital 004
Halzhi Cipanku: Rice Fields Digital 005
Molgu Evolve Halzhi (level up 16 times) Digital 006
  • Deniz: Gifted Bridges
  • Tucma: Corrupted Badlands/Xolot Reservoir/Mines of Mictlan/Gardens of Aztlan
Water/Toxic 007
  • Deniz: Sillaro River
  • Evolve Platypet (level up 20 times)
Water/Toxic 008
  • Deniz: Dabmis' Rest
  • Evolve Platox (level up 20 times)
Water/Toxic 009
Swali Deniz: Prasine Coast/Thalassian Cliffs Nature 010
  • Omninesia: The Canopath/The Flywalk/The Hangroad/The Glassyway
  • Evolve Swali (level up 8 times)
Nature/Wind 011
Tateru Deniz: Prasine Coast/Thalassian Cliffs/Gifted Bridges/Windward Fort/Aguamarina Caves Neutral 012
Gharunder Arbury: Sewers of Properton Toxic/Electric 013
Mosu Arbury: Mac Aed's Crags/Greenglen Forest Melee 014
Magmut Evolve Mosu (level up 15 times) Melee/Fire 015
Paharo Deniz: Prasine Coast/Thalassian Cliffs/Gifted Bridges Wind 016
  • Deniz: Prasine Coast/Thalassian Cliffs/Gifted Bridges
  • Omninesia: The Canopath/The Flywalk/The Glassyway
  • Cipanku: Iwaba
  • Evolve Paharo (level up 7 times)
Wind 017
Granpah Evolve Paharac (level up 16 times) Wind 018
Ampling Cipanku: Iwaba Electric 019
Amphatyr Evolve Ampling (level up 14 times) Electric/Nature 020
Bunbun Tucma: Mines of Mictlan/Gardens of Aztlan/Kakama Cenote Earth/Crystal 021
  • Tucma: Mines of Mictlan
  • Cipanku: Pillars of Highabove
  • Evolve Bunbun (level up 20 times)
Earth/Crystal 022
Hidody Omninesia: The Canopath/The Glassyway/Giant Banyan Nature 023
  • Deniz: Prasine Coast
  • Omninesia: The Glassyway
Nature 024
Fomu Deniz: Windward Fort/Gifted Bridges/Sillaro River Water 025
  • Deniz: Sillaro River
  • Tucma: Kakama Cenote
  • Cipanku: Rice Fields
  • Evolve Fomu (level up 20 times)
Water/Wind 026
Skail Deniz: Prasine Coast/Thalassian Cliffs/Gifted Bridges/Windward Fort Neutral 027
  • Tucma: Corrupted Badlands/Xolot Reservoir
  • Kisiwa: Mwaingu Islets/Chini Grotto/Kilima Peaks/Barafu Glacier
  • Evolve Skail (level up 17 times)
Neutral/Melee 028
  • Tucma: Corrupted Badlands/Xolot Reservoir
  • Kisiwa: Mwaingu Islets/Chini Grotto/Kilima Peaks/Barafu Glacier
  • Evolve Skail (level up 17 times)
Neutral 029
Mouflank Evolve Goty (level up 13 times) Neutral 030
Rhoulder Kisiwa: Tasa Desert Neutral/Earth 031
  • Starter option
  • Arbury: Meadowdale
Mental 032
Tental Evolve Houchic (level up 29 times) Mental 033
Nagaise Evolve Tental (level up 24 times) Mental/Water 034
Orphyll Tucma: Corrupted Badlands/Xolot Reservoir Nature/Toxic 035
Nidrasil Evolve Orphyll (level up 22 times) Nature/Toxic 036
Banapi Omninesia: The Hangroad/The Glassyway/Anak Volcano Fire 037
  • Omninesia: Anak Volcano
  • Evolve Banapi (level up 17 times)
Fire 038
Lapinite Tucma: Mines of Mictlan/Gardens of Aztlan Crystal 039
Azuroc Evolve Lapinite (level up 25 times) Crystal 040
  • Tucma: Sons of Crystal
  • Evolve Azuroc (by trading)
Crystal 041
Reval Arbury: Meadowdale Mental 042
Aohi Evolve Reval (level up 15 times) Mental/Fire 043
Bigu Breed Babawa Nature 044
  • Omninesia: The Flywalk/The Hangroad
  • Tucma: Kakama Cenote
  • Kisiwa: Mawingu Islets
  • Cipanku: Rice Fields
  • Arbury: Meadowdale/Greenglen Forest
  • Evolve Bigu (level up 18 times)
Nature/Water 045
Ob1 Cipanku: Pillars of Highabove Digital/Electric 046
Ob10 Evolve Ob1 (level up 15 times) Digital/Electric 047
  • Deniz: Prasine Coast/Thalassian Cliffs/Gifted Bridges
  • Omninesia: The Canopath/The Flywalk
Nature 048
  • Omninesia: The Canopath/The Glassyway
  • Tucma: Kupeleleza
  • Evolve Kaku (level up 11 times)
Nature/Wind 049
Valash Tucma: Mines of Mictlan Neutral/Crystal 050
Towly Arbury: Mac Aed's Crags/Meadowdale Melee/Mental 051
  • Arbury: Meadowdale
  • Evolve male Towly (level up 10 times)
Wind/Melee 052
  • Deniz: Windwart Fort
  • Arbury: Mac Aed's Crags
  • Evolve female Towly (level up 10 times)
Wind/Mental 053
Gyalis Tucma: Mines of Mictlan Crystal/Melee 054
Occlura Tucma: Gardens of Aztlan/Kupeleleza Crystal 055
Myx Evolve Occlura (level up 18 times) Crystal/Mental 056
Raiber Omninesia: The Glassyway/Anak Volcano Fire 057
  • Omninesia: Anak Caldera/Anak Volcano
  • Evolve Raiber (level up 15 times)
Fire 058
  • Omninesia: Altar of the Inner Flame
  • Evolve Raize (level up 25 times)
Fire 059
  • Deniz: Prasine Coast/Sillaro River
  • Omninesia: The Flywalk/The Hangroad
Water 060
Piraniant Evolve Pewki (level up 13 times) Water 061
  • Deniz: Windward Fort
  • Cipanku: Iwaba/Pillars of Highabove
Electric 062
Scaravolt Evolve Scarawatt (level up 12 times) Electric/Fire 063
Hoglip Cipanku: Pillars of Highabove Digital/Fire 064
Hedgine Evolve Hoglip (level up 13 times) Digital/Fire 065
Osuchi Kisiwa: Mawingu Islets/Jino Gap/Matope Road Earth 066
  • Kisiwa: Kilima Peaks
  • Evolve Osuchi (level up 12 times)
Earth/Melee 067
  • Kisiwa: Aisha's Hearth
  • Evolve Osukan (level up 14 times)
Earth/Melee 068
  • Deniz: Prasine Coast/Gifted Bridges/Windward Fort/Sillaro River
  • Tucma: Xolot Reservoir
  • Cipanku: Rice Fields
  • Arbury: Loch Audur/Meadowdale
Water/Melee 069
Pycko Kisiwa: Tasa Desert Earth/Fire 070
  • Omninesia: Anak Volcano
  • Evolve Pycko (level up 14 times)
Earth/Fire 071
  • Starter Temtem
  • Tucma: Mines of Mictlan
Crystal 072
Sherald Evolve Crystle (level up 30 times) Crystal 073
Tortenite Evolve Sherald (level up 21 times) Crystal/Toxic 074
Innki Cipanku: Pillars of Highabove Electric/Crystal 075
Shaolite Arbury: Sewers of Properton/Braeside Castle Melee 076
Shaolant Evolve Shaolite (level up 12 times) Melee 077
Cycrox Cipanku: Rice Fields/Sacred Lake Digital/Toxic 078
  • Deniz: Gifted Bridges
  • Arbury: Braeside Castle
Mental 079
Pocus Evolve Hocus (level up 21 times) Mental 080
Smolzy Breed Sparzy or Golzy Electric 081
  • Cipanku: Iwaba/Pillars of Highabove
  • Evolve Smolzy (level up 30 times)
Electric 082
  • Cipanku: Digital Kami Shrine
  • Evolve Sparzy (level up 14 times)
Electric/Melee 083
Mushi Tucma: Corrupted Badlands/Xolot Reservoir/Kupeleleza Toxic 084
  • Arbury: Sewers of Properton
  • Evolve Mushi (level up 20 times)
Toxic/Melee 085
Magmis Omninesia: Anak Volcano Fire 086
  • Omninesia: Anak Caldera/Anak Volcano
  • Evolve Magmis (level up 16 times)
Fire/Water 087
Umishi Deniz: Thalassian Cliffs/Sillaro River Water 088
  • Tucma: Kakama Cenote
  • Evolve Umishi (level up 14 times)
Water 089
Galvanid Cipanku: Iwaba/Pillars of Highabove Electric 090
Raignet Evolve Galvanid (level up 16 times) Electric 091
  • Starter Temtem
  • Arbury: Greenglen Forest
Melee 092
Baboong Evolve Smazee (level up 29 times) Melee 093
Seismunch Evolve Baboong (level up 23 times) Melee/Earth 094
Zizare Kisiwa: Juu Tunnel/Jino Gap/Kilima Peaks/Kwea Upland Earth 095
Gorong Arbury: Greenglen Forest Melee 096
Mitty Arbury: Mac Aed's Crags Mental 097
Sanbi Evolve Mitty (level up 15 times) Mental 098
  • Kisiwa: Kilima Peaks
  • Arbury: Greenglen Forest
Neutral 099
Kuri Kisiwa: Mawingu Islets/Kwea Uplands/Jino Gap/Matope Road Earth 100
Kauren Evolve Kuri (level up 16 times) Earth 101
Spriole Omninesia: The Canopath/The Flywalk/The Hangroad/The Glassyway/Giant Banyan Nature 102
  • Omninesia: The Flywalk
  • Evolve Spriole (level up 12 times)
Nature 103
Cerneaf Evolve Deendre (level up 25 times) Nature 104
Toxolotl Tucma: Xolot Reservoir Toxic 105
Noxolotl Evolve Toxolotl (level up 30 times) Toxic 106
Blooze Tucma: Corrupted Badlands Toxic 107
Goolder Evolve Blooze (level up 20 times) Toxic 108
Zephyruff Tucma: Corrupted Badlands/Gardends of Aztlan/Kupeleleza/Mawingu Islets/Jino Gap Toxic/Wind 109
  • Kisiwa: Mawingu Islets/Kilima Peaks
  • Evolve Zephyruff (level up 22 times)
Toxic/Wind 110
Grumvel Kisiwa: Juu Tunnel/Chini Grotto Earth 111
Grumper Evolve Grumvel (level up 16 times) Earth/Electric 112
Ganki Ganki: Thalassian Cliffs/Windward Fort Electric/Wind 113
  • Kisiwa: Motope Road
  • Evolve Ganki (level up 27 times)
Electric/Wind 114
Oceara Deniz: Aguamarina Caves Water 115
Yowlar Kisiwa: Barafu Glacier Neutral 116
Droply Kisiwa: Mawingu Islets/Juu Tunnel/Moyo Lake/Matope Road Water/Earth 117
Garyo Evolve Droply (level up 20 times) Water/Earth 118
Broccoblin Arbury: Greenglen Forest Nature 119
Broccorc Evolve Broccoblin (level up 10 times) Nature/Melee 120
  • Arbury: Chieftain's Barrow
  • Evolve Broccorc (level up 10 times)
Nature/Melee 121
Shuine Tucma: Kakama Cenote Crystal/Water 122
  • Deniz: Thalassian Cliffs/Sillaro River
  • Cipanku: Rice Fields/Sacred Lake
Water/Electric 123
Valiar Arbury: Braeside Castle Mental 124
Pupoise Cipanku: Rice Fields Digital/Nature 125
Loatle Evolve Pupoise (level up 18 times) Digital/Mental 126
  • Deniz: Thalassian Cliffs/Sillaro River/Aguamarine Caves
  • Tucma: Corrupted Badlands/Xolot Reservoir
Water 127
  • Tucma: Xolot Reservoir/Gardens of Aztlan
  • Evolve Kalazu (level up 18 times)
Water/Toxic 128
  • Tucma: Xolot Reservoir
  • Arbury: Braeside Castle
Toxic/Mental 129
  • Given at the start of the game
  • Deniz: Dabmis' Rest
  • Omninesia: Altar of the Inner Flame
  • Tucma: Sons of Crystal
  • Kisiwa: Aisha's Hearth
  • Cipanku: Digital Kami Shrine
  • Arbury: Chieftain's Barrow
Wind 130
Tukai Evolve Tuwai (interact with Water Shrine) Wind/Water 131
Tulcan Evolve Tuwai (interact with Fire Shrine) Wind/Fire 132
Tuvine Evolve Tuwai (interact with Crystal Shrine) Wind/Crystal 133
Turoc Evolve Tuwai (interact with Earth Shrine) Wind/Earth 134
Tuwire Evolve Tuwai (interact with Digital Shrine) Wind/Digital 135
Tutsu Evolve Tuwai (interact with Melee Shrine) Wind/Melee 136
Kinu Omninesia: Giant Banyan Nature/Mental 137
Vulvir Omninesia: Anak Volcano Fire/Earth 138
  • Omninesia: Anak Caldera/Anak Volcano
  • Tucma: Mines of Mictlan
  • Evolve Vulvir (level up 14 times)
Fire/Earth 139
Vulcrane Evolve Vulor (level up 28 times) Fire/Earth 140
Pigepic Deniz: Thalassian Cliffs/Gifted Bridges Wind 141
Akranox Kisiwa: Tasa Desert Earth/Toxic 142
  • Deniz: Sillaro River/Thalassian Cliffs
  • Omninesia: The Flywalk/The Hangroad
  • Tucma: Corrupted Badlands/Xolot Reservoir/Gardens of Aztlan
  • Kisiwa: Mawingu Islets/Nuru Lodge/Moyo Lake
  • Cipanku: Sacred Lake
  • Arbury: Loch Aduar/Meadowdale/Greenglen Forest
Various 143
Vulffy Kisiwa: Tasa Desert Earth/Nature 144
Chubee Cipanku: Pillars of Highabove Digital/Wind 145
Waspeen Evolve Chubee (level up 15 times) Digital/Crystal 146
Mawtle Arbury: Greenglen Forest Digital/Nature 147
Mawmense Evolve Mawtle (level up 16 times) Digital/Nature 148
Hazrat Arbury: Braeside Castle Toxic/Fire 149
Minttle Arbury: Mac Aed's Crags Mental 150
Minox Evolve Minttle (level up 12 times) Mental/Electric 151
Minothor Evolve Minox (level up 13 times) Mental/Electric 152
Maoala Arbury: Meadowdale Melee/Mental 153
Venx Arbury: Sewers of Properton Neutral 154
Venmet Evolve Venx (level up 17 times and must have Parrier as their trait) Neutral/Melee 155
Vental Evolve Venx (level up 17 times and must have Arcane Wrap as their trait) Neutral/Mental 156
Chimurian Arbury: Greenglen Forest Nature/Crystal 157
Arachnyte Arbury: Braeside Castle Neutral/Digital 158
Thaiko Arbury: Meadowdale Digital/Melee 159
Monkko Evolve Thaiko (level up 20 times) Digital/Melee 160
Anahir Omninesia: Anak Volcano (free from device after battling Doctor Hamijo) Crystal/Fire 161
Anatan Evolve Anahir (by raising TVs to a total of 1000) Crystal/Fire 162
Tyranak Complete Anak Sanctum Lair to receive egg (weekly reward) Fire/Nature 163
Volgon Complete Highbelow Sanctum Lair to receive egg (weekly reward) Electric 164

How to get to the Saipark

The Saipark is Temtem's equivalent of the Safari Zone in Pokemon. Each week, you can head there to find and catch a randomly rotating rare Temtem. You will need to have obtained the Rock-Hopping Hook to access Saipark. Once you have this key item, you will need to do the following to get to Saipark:

  1. Head to Deniz via the airship.
  2. Travel south from Arissola until you reach the Prasine Coast.
  3. Travel south, keeping to the western edge. If you reach the mini-Temtem healing station, you've gone too far.
  4. Use the Rock-Hopping Hook to leap to the west and reach Saipark.

Once you've leapt across, talk to the woman at the kiosk to pay a set amount of cash and receive a set amount of Saicards. This fee and the amount of Saicards has changed since the feature was first introduced, but it seems to be based on the rarity of the currently available Temtem in the Saipark.

The rare Temtem in Saipark will usually be around the late level 30s and which ones are available change on a weekly basis. The cost to enter the Saipark will also change on a weekly basis, and you'll get some Saicards as part of your entry fee.

That wraps up our full list of every Temtem and where to catch them. After catching some rare Temtem, put them to good use and take a look at our list of Temtem Dojos to see where you should head next. If you want more information on where to obtain the starter Temtem, check out our guide on how to get every starter Temtem. If you want to get an extra rare shiny Temtem, take a look at our guide on how to find Luma Temtem. To learn how to defeat every Temtem easily, consult our Temtem type effectiveness chart.

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