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Temtem Ganki: location, how to evolve, and why it's a good early game Temtem

There are very few Temtem that I would consider to be a great early option to catch, but Ganki is a great option for new players. It combines both Wind and Electric types, which takes very little damage from Wind type attacks, but does have access to many moves that could prove useful in the first Dojo.

Ganki Temtem

Temtem Ganki guide

In this Ganki guide for Temtem, I will be showing you where to find your first Ganki, as well as explaining why it's a great early game option for new Temtem tamers. Do be sure to check out the rest of the Temtem list.

Temtem Ganki location

Ganki location

In one of the early areas of the game, you can find the Ganki in the Thalassian Cliffs. They'll be around levels 5-8 and will have access to the techniques Sparks, Nimble, Wind Blade, and potentially DC Beam. If you chose Houchic as your starter, this will be weak against it, so make sure you have a backup alternative.

As for specifically where, they seem more common in the locations circled in red in the image above. These are the long vertical stretches of land leading to and from the small lake. You can also find them in The Gifted Bridges and Windward Fort.

Ganki techniques

These are the techniques that Ganki learns by levelling up or Breeding:

  • Breeding: Tesla Prison
  • Lv1: Sparks
  • Lv3: Nimble
  • Lv5: Wind Blade
  • Lv7: DC Beam
  • Lv16: Chain Lightning
  • Lv22: Drill Impact
  • Lv32: Electric Storm

Ganki courses

Ganki can also learn several courses found throughout the game. These are multi-use items that you can only find one of in the world each, so use our Temtem Course locations guide to locate them.

  • TC003: Turbo Choreography
  • TC005: Misogi
  • TC007: Noxious Bomb.

Ganki strengths/weaknesses

  • Weak to: Crystal (2x resistance), and Nature (2x resistance) if you have Botanophobia status
  • Strong against: Wind (4x resistance)

Temtem types

Should Ganki be in my party?

Temporarily yes, though you may need to catch more than one. It has two traits: Botanophobia and Cold-Natured. While the former can be quite bad when facing Nature Temtem, the Cold-Natured trait is just horrible to have. With Cold-Natured, any Cold-inflicting attack immediately turns into a Freeze one. This makes taking on the Oceara a bit of a nightmare.

Even if you get the right one, you may find that Ganki and Gazuma, its evolution that it evolves into after 27 level ups, is just not as strong as some alternatives. It also has a slim move set, despite Electric type being a very good early type to use. Replace this creature with a Nessla with the ability "Electric Synthesize" as soon as you can. It's just that more powerful and game-breaking.

There we have it. That's everything you need to learn about Ganki. While you're here, you can check out our Temtem evolutions guide to see how Ganki evolves, as well as the rest of the currently available Temtem.

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