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Temtem Dojos: How to beat the leaders of every Dojo in Temtem

Learn the team used by every Dojo master in Temtem and how to defeat them

Want to learn the types and best strategy for all Temtem Dojos? Temtem Dojos are rather confusing, as their types are rarely made clear in-game. In fact, they often use multiple types, so you won't be able to plough through with a single Temtem. If you do manage to reach a Dojo leader, you'll find that their teams are filled with tough Temtem that could rip through the unpreparead.

In this guide, we'll break down all of the Temtem Dojos, explaining each of their types, how to reach the Dojo leader if there is a puzzle, and some recommend Temtem to use if you're struggling.

Here's a full list of every Temtem Dojo:

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Arrisola Dojo: How to reach Sophia

  • Dojo types: Water & Wind
  • Recommended types: Electric & Nature
  • Recommended level: 19-23

The first Dojo is located in Arrisola, the biggest town on the starting island of Deniz. The Arrisola Dojo is led by Sophia, and the tamers within use Water and Wind type Temtem. Before you head into the Dojo, we recommend completing the tour guide quest in Arrisola, located near the Southern entrance to the town. Answer the questions for the tour group to receive an Umbrella item, which you can give to a Temtem to reduce the damage taken from water attacks by 20%.

If you want to reach Sophia, you'll need to fight your way through the other tamers within the Dojo and complete a movement puzzle. To get to the leader, you need to take the following directions:

  1. Drop down.
  2. Take the top boost pad
  3. Take the left water fountain
  4. Circle around and take the boost pad
  5. Take the water fountain to your right
  6. Take the third boost pad
  7. Run to the next boost pad
  8. Head to the right boost pad
  9. Take the final water fountain to reach the dojo leader

Upon reaching the dojo leader, make sure you're fully healed as it is a tough fight early in the game. To exit the dojo to heal, just walk to the left and jump across the ledge. You will need to repeat the steps above to make it back to Sophia.

Arrisola Dojo team: How to beat Sophia in Temtem

Below, you'll find a list of Temtem used by Sophia:

  • Lvl 16 Loali - Nature/Wind
  • Lvl 17 Kalabyss - Water/Toxic
  • Lvl 18 Sparzy - Electric
  • Lvl 19 Pigepic - Wind
  • Lvl 21 Tuwai - Wind
  • Lvl 22 Oceara - Water

Sophia's team ranges from level 16-22, so we recommend training your team until they are between levels 19 and 23. Since Sophia uses predominantly Water and Wind types, we suggest having Electric and Nature types.

If you need some Temtem recommendations, make sure you catch a Ganki. It's a powerful Electric type that you can get at Windward Fort. You may also find a Scarawatt at Windward Fort, which is a rarer, yet equally as effective Electric type for the Arrisola Dojo. Having one of these Electric Temtem should help you easily defeat Water or Wind types such as Kalabyss, Pigepic, Tuwai, and Oceara.

Loali is a weak Temtem that you should be able to cut through with anything easily, which just leaves Sparzy. This is Sophia's wildcard, and the only Electric Temtem on her team. If you chose Crystle as your starter, it will be able to destroy Sparzy with ease. There aren't any other Temtem that are strong against Electric types that you can find on Deniz, so those who opted for a different starter should simply avoid using Water or Wind types to fight Sparzy.

Standing at the entrance to Temtem's second dojo. You need to cross lava logs to reach the leader

Mokupuni Dojo: How to reach Rawiri

  • Dojo types: Fire & Nature
  • Recommended types: Water, Mental & Toxic
  • Recommended level: 26-30

There are two Dojos on the island of Omninesia. The first Dojo that you'll encounter is in Mokupuni, where you will fight the Fire/Nature tamer Rawiri. To reach Rawiri, you'll need to hop across the floating platforms to reach the other side. Taking grassy platforms will fix you in place and you'll be unable to escape, teleporting you back to the last checkpoint.

When you're ready to take on Rawiri, head straight up from the entrance and wait. My tip here is to keep an eye on the third platform. If it's grassy, wait for the second platform to reappear after the grassy platform is gone. If you can cross onto the non-grassy third platform, then you'll just need to take the final platform to reach the Dojo leader.

Mokupuni Dojo team: How to beat Rawiri

Below, you'll find a list of Temtem used by Rawiri:

  • Lvl 18 Banapi - Fire
  • Lvl 22 Magmis - Fire
  • Lvl 24 Deendre - Nature
  • Lvl 24 Tateru - Neutral
  • Lvl 28 Raize - Fire
  • Lvl 29 Taifu - Nature

Rawiri's team ranges from level 18-29, so you should aim to have a team that ranges from levels 26 to 30. Rawiri is a Fire/Nature tamer, so you'll want to bring some Water and Toxic types along for this fight.

Since Rawiri uses mostly Fire and Nature type Temtem, Platypet or its evolution Platox are an excellent pick for this fight. You can find Platypet at the Gifted Bridges in Deniz, so you should have plenty of time to train it up before reaching the Mokupuni Dojo.

Since Rawiri also uses some powerful Neutral types, we suggest using a Mental type such as Barnshe or Hocus. Like Platypet, both of these Temtem are available in Deniz, with Hocus appearing in the Gifted Bridges area as well. Barnshe is found on the roof of Windward Fort.

Hopping across lava on logs in Temtem's third dojo

Nanga Dojo: How to reach Tihani

  • Dojo types: Water, Wind, Nature & Fire
  • Recommended types: Electric, Toxic & Water
  • Recommended level: 33-38

The Nanga Dojo is a collection of everything you've learned so far, with Tihani using Water, Wind, Nature, and Fire type Temtem. Upon entering the Dojo, the puzzle should feel familiar. It's incredibly similar to the puzzle in the Mokupuni Dojo, so just hop across the platforms until you reach Tihani at the end.

Nanga Dojo team: How to beat Tihani

Below, you'll find a list of Temtem used by Tihani:

  • Lvl 31 Wiplump - Water/Wind
  • Lvl 33 Granpah - Wind
  • Lvl 33 Ukama - Water
  • Lvl 33 Mastione - Water/Fire
  • Lvl 33 Cerneaf - Nature
  • Lvl 38 Kinu - Wind/Mental

Tihani's team ranges from level 31-38, so you'll want your team to be between levels 33 and 40. Since Tihani uses a range of types, you'll need a varied team to win. We recommend having some Electric types to deal with the mix of Water, Wind, and Mental Temtem that Tihani uses. For the Cerneaf, you should bring a Fire type, such as Raiber which you can find on the Glassyway or in Anak Volcano. Make sure to train Raiber to at least level 30. It will evolve during this training, so you'll have a more powerful Fire type Temtem in your party before fighting Tihani.

Quetzal Dojo: How to reach Yareni

  • Dojo types: Toxic & Crystal
  • Recommended types: Wind & Fire
  • Recommended level: 40-46

The Quetzal Dojo is a test of everything you've encountered in Tucma, with Yareni's team consisting of Toxic and Crystal types. After entering the Quetzal Dojo, you'll find bounce pads that launch you forward towards two large sets of stairs. At the bottom, you'll find a huge crystalised floor that you'll need to slide around to reach Yareni.

Take the left staircase and slide South into the next platform (avoiding the pillars that pop up routinely). Then, turn right and slide East through the centre path. You should hit a bounce pad that sends you North into another platform. Take the Northwest path that should bounce you further North. From here, take the East path and then just follow the linear route until you reach another set of stairs. You will find Yareni at the top.

Quetzal Dojo team: How to beat Yareni

Below, you'll find a list of Temtem used by Yareni:

  • Lvl 33 Myx - Crystal/Mental
  • Lvl 34 Gazuma - Electric/Wind
  • Lvl 35 Noxolotl - Toxic
  • Lvl 36 Volarend - Toxic/Wind
  • Lvl 39 Mudrid - Earth/Crystal
  • Lvl 46 Shuine - Crystal/Water

Yareni's team ranges from level 33-46, so you will need to train until you reach between levels 40 and 46. Yareni uses predominantly Toxic and Crystal types, so you'll want to have some Wind and Fire types on your team. The Raiber that you used (and hopefully evolved) for the last Dojo will serve well to defeat the Crystal types here, and then you should have a range of Wind types at your disposal to deal with Yareni's Toxic Temtem. If you're struggling to find a Wind Temtem, you can use the Tuwai that you got right at the start of the game.

Vumbi Dojo: How to reach Musa

  • Dojo types: Earth & Neutral
  • Recommended types: Water and Mental
  • Recommended level: 48-53

The Vumbi Dojo is an Earth/Neutral Dojo led by Musa. After the previous dojo, this one is a bit of a breeze. All the trainers here have either Earth, Crystal, or Melee types, but there is also a new Temtem that has Toxic moves that can poison your team. Their levels are somewhat comparable with the previous dojo, but they do reach around level 50 before you get to the dojo leader.

To get to the dojo leader, you need to drop down the following quicksand pits:

  • First room: This room has two drops before it loops. Head to the quicksand pit, then to the pit ahead of you. You'll drop to the door ahead.
  • Second room: This room has three drops before it loops. Head to the left pit, then the right pit, and then right again to pass the first lot of quicksand. Head up towards the next small quicksand, drop in the smaller of the two pits, then head up to appear next to the front door.
  • Third room: This one looks worse than it is. Enter the following pits: Right, right, up, right, and down. This will plonk you in a space surrounded by four pits. From here, head right, up, up, and up. You'll drop into a straight path that following up will lead to the dojo leader.

Following the path above should lead you straight to Musa, the leader of the Vumbi Dojo.

Vumbi Dojo team: How to beat Musa

Below, you'll find a list of Temtem used by Musa:

  • Lvl 43 Mudrid - Earth/Crystal
  • Lvl 43 Kauren - Earth
  • Lvl 45 Mushook - Toxic/Melee
  • Lvl 45 Akranox - Earth/Toxic
  • Lvl 51 Skunch - Neutral/Melee
  • Lvl 53 Yowlar - Neutral

Musa's team ranges from level 43-53, so your team will need to be in the high 40s or early level 50s. Musa uses mostly Earth and Neutral types, so we suggest bringing some Water and Mental types. The Water Temtem should destroy Musa's Earth types, while a strong Mental type Temtem will easily deal with the Neutral types.

For the Water type, your Platypet used at the earlier Dojo should be suitable. To deal with the Neutral types, bring along the Barnshe or Hocus from Deniz.

Neoedo Dojo: How to reach Dr Sasaya

  • Dojo types: Electric & Digital
  • Recommended types: Earth, Nature & Electric
  • Recommended level: 60-65

The Neoedo Dojo uses Electric and Digital Temtem, the latter of which you may not have encountered many of previously. To reach Dr Sasaya, you must enter the Dojo and pass through the laser tripwires. Head to the right of the first toom and use the blocks to get past the lasers. Then, take the orange wire to dart into the next room.

Pass through here by sticking to the middle path, and then follow the route into the next chamber. Pass through the middle again and then take the orange wire into another chamber. Move West between the lasers and then follow the route Southwest until you find another orange wire.

This final orange wire will take you around the Dojo and to a room filled with overlapping lasers. Follow it to the Northeast corner and then take the following wires. The path from here is linear, leading to a yellow wire that will take you to Dr Sasaya.

Neoedo Dojo team: How to beat Dr Sasaya

Below, you'll find a list of Temtem used by Dr Sasaya:

  • Lvl 54 Grumper - Earth/Electric
  • Lvl 54 Nessla - Water/Electric
  • Lvl 55 Mimit - Digital
  • Lvl 55 Ob10 - Digital/Electric
  • Lvl 61 Amphatyr - Nature/Electric
  • Lvl 64 Zaobian - Digital

Dr Sasaya's team ranges from level 54-64, so you should train until you reach the low to mid 60s. Dr Sasaya uses Electric and Digital types, so we recommend bringing Earth, Nature, and Electric types.

The Nature type should help you deal with Grumper, and the rest of the team should be easy enough with your Earth and Electric types. Use an Electric type such as Scarawatt to defeat Nessla, and then switch to an Electric type to defeat Mimit. Ob10 shouldn't be able to damage your Earth or Electric Temtem easily, so use them to chip away at it. Electric types can similarly chip away at Amphatyr, before finally blitzing through Zaobian.

Lochburg Dojo: How to reach Murdag

  • Dojo types: Melee & Electric
  • Recommended types: Digital & Earth
  • Recommended level: 70-75

Like the previous Dojo, the Lochburg Dojo helmed by Murdag has a mix of types that will prove destructive to the unprepared. Lochburg's puzzle is very different to previous Dojo's, though. Namely - there is no puzzle! Instead, you'll need to fight through a gauntlet of tamers before you can take on Murdag, the leader of the Lochburg Dojo.

Lochburg Dojo team: How to beat Murdag

Below, you'll find a list of Temtem used by Murdag:

  • Lvl 64 Maoala - Melee/Mental
  • Lvl 64 Skunch - Neutral/Melee
  • Lvl 64 Magmut - Melee/Fire
  • Lvl 67 Grumper - Earth/Electric
  • Lvl 70 Monkko - Digital/Melee
  • Lvl 75 Golzy - Electric/Melee

Murdag's team ranges from level 64-75, so you should try to reach level 70 with your Temtem before entering the gauntlet. Murdag uses mostly Melee and Electric types, so we recommend bringing both Digital and Earth types.

For your Digital Temtem, which you should use against any Melee types, we recommend finding an Oree in the Rice Fields of Cipanku and evolving it into a Zaobian. For an Earth type, head back to Kisiwa and get a Grumvel from Juu Tunnel. Evolve the Grumvel into a Grumper and use it to defeat Golzy, which is the toughest Temtem you'll face at this Dojo.

Properton Dojo: How to reach Percival

  • Dojo types: Mental, Water & Crystal
  • Recommended types: Electric & Melee
  • Recommended level: 80-85

Properton is the final Dojo in Temtem, and it is incredibly tough. Percival, the leader of Properton Dojo, uses a range of types, including Mental, Water, and Crystal. To reach Percival, you must take the lift at the start and memorise the colour of each tile as they flash up. Then, the lift will rise and the screen will flash through the colours again. Each time it flashes, you must run to a tile that matched that colour in the previous phase. Remember one tile from each colour and you can continue to the next lift. Continue through the lifts until you reach Percival, the Dojo master.

Properton Dojo team: How to beat Percival

Below, you'll find a list of Temtem used by Percival:

  • Lvl 77 Koish - Water/Mental
  • Lvl 77 Innki - Electric/Crystal
  • Lvl 80 Minothor - Mental/Electric
  • Lvl 80 Aohi - Mental/Fire
  • Lvl 84 Tukai - Wind/Water
  • Lvl 85 Vental - Neutral/Mental

Percival's team ranges from level 77-85, so you'll want to raise your Temtem until they reach at least level 80. Percival uses a range of Mental type Temtem, along with the Water types and a tough Crystal/Electric hybrid. To defeat them, bring some tough Electric types to blitz through the Mental and Water types, along with a Melee Temtem to defeat the Crystal type.

You should have amassed a powerful Mental and Water type by now. If not, grab and train the Barnshe and Platypet that you caught way back in Deniz. For the Melee type, head to Greenglen Forest in Arbury and catch a Gorong.

That wraps up our Temtem Dojo guide, but there's lots more to learn. Whether you're still working through the Dojos or gearing up for some competitive endgame fights, make sure to learn the Temtem type chart. You'll need some tough Temtem to get through all of the Dojos, so make sure to take a look at our full list of every Temtem and how to get them. If you want to look fancy in your fights, check out our guide on how to get Luma Temtem.

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