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Temtem dojos: how to beat the leaders

Full Temtem leader teams

A new region means new dojo leaders. Their teams are rather formidable and you'll need to prepare in advance if you want to overcome them. But their dojo puzzles are also somewhat obtuse, with the fourth dojo having the absolute worst puzzle I've seen in a long time. If you're stuck on that sliding puzzle, this guide has the solution.

Our Temtem Dojo guide has details on how to reach the Dojo leaders in each of the dojos, the leader's team, and strategies for how to beat them. There are a lot of Temtem featured in the teams the Dojo leaders use, so to learn more about them, have a look at our Temtem list guide.

Using the springboard to leap across water in Temtem's first dojo

Arrisola dojo - how to reach Sophia

Water/Wind type
Any Nature or Electric type Temtem would suffice.

Before you head into the dojo, make sure to do the tour guide quest (just answer questions until you pass the quest) to unlock the Umbrella gear. it reduces damage taken from water techniques by 20%. This dojo has a lot of wind and water types, so electric Temtem can be invaluable. A healthy stock of Balm, Balm +, and Revives is considered mandatory for any venture into dojos. To get to the leader, you need to take the following directions:

  • Drop down.
  • Take the top boost pad
  • Take the left water fountain
  • Circle around and take the boost pad
  • Take the water fountain to your right
  • Take the third boost pad
  • Run to the next boost pad
  • Head to the right boost pad
  • Take the final water fountain to reach the dojo leader

Upon reaching the dojo leader, make sure you're fully healed as it is a tough fight early in the game. To exit the dojo to heal, just walk to the left and jump across the ledge. You will need to repeat the steps above to make it back to Sophia.

Sophia's team

  • Loali (Lv16)
  • Kalabyss (Lv16)
  • Sparzy (Lv15)
  • Oceara (Lv21)
  • Pigepic (Lv18)
  • Tuwai (Lv21)

Unlike Pokemon gym leaders, Temtem Dojo leaders don't stick to one type. You should be aiming to have your team at around level 23-25 for this fight. Make sure your team has a Ganki in it. It's a great early game option for dealing with water types. The rest of the squad should include a Temtem to fight well against Loali and Sparzy. Having your own Loali is very good, while Crystal attacks from Crystle is good here.

The majority of Sophia's team is water type, but there are a couple of wind types in her roster to put the spanner in the works. Loali should be your first target as the poison lasts a long time. You shouldn't need to hit Kalabyss at all until she's down to her last two Temtem, as its attacks shouldn't deal too much damage.

Sparzy is the sole electric type Temtem and one that can prove troublesome with its electric attacks. It's unlike the rest of her Temtem, so take it out quickly before Oceara comes out. As soon as Oceara hits the battlefield, if you're using Ganki, switch them out if  it has the Cold-Natured trait. Instead of getting cold, Ganki will become frozen, immobilising it for a couple of turns. It's not worth the effort to deal with it that way, so try to use Nature attacks where possible here.

When Oceara is down, bring Ganki back to finish the Pigepic, Kalabyss, and Tuwai, as they shouldn't be a big problem for you at this point. You will receive the Surfboard for winning.

Standing at the entrance to Temtem's second dojo. You need to cross lava logs to reach the leader

Mokupuni dojo - how to reach Rawiri

The dojo's puzzle is like playing the classic arcade game Frogger. You'll need to take the platforms and cross them to reach the other side with precise timing. Taking grassy platforms will fix you in place and you'll be unable to escape. Reach the sides will make you reappear at the start. You won't take damage for crashing into the trees, so there's no need to heal constantly. There are Tamers to the left and right which, upon beating them, clear the way to some helpful items. Make sure you tackle the Tamers on the left and nab the chest there. It contains a very useful piece of gear for resisting fire type moves. Check out our Temtem gear locations guide for the rest of the gear locations.

When you're ready to take on Rawiri, head straight up from the entrance and wait. My tip here is to keep an eye on the third platform. If it's grassy, wait for the second platform to reappear after the grassy platform is gone. If you can cross onto the non-grassy third platform, then you'll just need to take the final platform to reach the dojo leader.

Rawiri's team

  • Deendre (Lv24)
  • Tateru Luma (Lv24)
  • Magmis (Lv22)
  • Raize (Lv28)
  • Banapi (Lv18)
  • Taifu (Lv29)

Have a team between level 22 and 27 for this fight, and make sure you have a balance of toxic and water types. Rawiri leads with Deendre and a Luma Tateru. You should have tackled many Tateru in the past, but this one has better stats as it is a Luma Temtem. It's still weak to Mental types, so either Houchic or Barnshe can make short work of it.

Deendre is also a bit of a worry depending on your team composition, so have something that can take care of nature types quickly, or at the very least resist their attacks. Toxic types won't be able to poison it, but they still deal super effective damage. The next few Temtem will randomly appear. Taifu is very high leveled and will annihilate Nessla if it's on the field, so switch it out for something that hits Nature types hard. Just be wary of its Toxic Farewell ability that can poison your Temtem when it faints. Make sure you get rid of it as soon as it appears.

The main Temtem to worry about here is Raize and Banapi. Banapi will always burn you, while Raize has burning attacks. If you got the gear on the left branch of the dojo, you can equip for extra resistance. Banapi gets Pyromaniac to boost its fire type moves, so equip the Ice Cube gear item to resist its fire type attacks a bit more. Raize does have a very devastating fire type attack called Fire Tornado. It needs three turns to charge it, but once it's charged it will deal 145 damage to one of your Temtem.

You should by now have caught a Nessla with the Electric Synthesize ability that allows it to heal whenever it's hit by an electric attack. It's very useful to hit both Raize and Banapi at the same time. You can then finish that Temtem off with a water attack.

When you beat Rawiri, you'll get a Cable Key to continue exploring the local area and have access to the fire type Temtem.

Hopping across lava on logs in Temtem's third dojo

Nanga dojo - how to reach Tihani

It's back to the Frogger clone puzzle and if you know how to cross the puzzle in the previous dojo, you should be able to cross this one in the same way. The one small snag that you'll find is with the final segment where you have to cross two platforms, one moving slowly from the right and one moving quickly from the left. The way to time this is to count the grassy platforms.

Once you see the third, the next one is safe to cross. Move as soon as the third grassy platform has passed you, hugging the corner that the platform appears from. Cross quickly to avoid getting caught and having to redo the entire puzzle. Once you've crossed all the platforms, you'll find Tihani.

Tihani's team

  • Mastione (Lv33)
  • Cerneleaf (Lv33)
  • Kinu 
  • Ukama
  • Granpah
  • Wiplump

Make sure your Temtem are around level 30-35 and include at least one member of the following types: Water, Electric, and Fire.  Mastione and Cerneleaf are the first Temtem she brings out and the choice of target is obvious. Once you eliminate Mastione, there are no more fire types that you need to deal with in her entire team. Soak it with water type and then swap that Temtem as soon as it's down. Cerneleaf should be attacked with special fire type moves, as it has the ability Callosity, which ups the defence of the enemy team by one stage if it is hit by a physical move.

Things slow down considerably when Tihani brings out Kinu. This Nature/Mental Temtem has the ability to deal a fair chunk of Mental damage with Beta Burst, while Lifeful Sap puts a regeneration perk on one of the two enemy Temtem. Its trait, Protector, also increases the defence and special defence of the other enemy Temtem by one stage. You can mitigate this by doing as much damage as you can to Cerneleaf before fainting it with a fire type move the next turn. Kinu should now be your next target.

Her unusual Temtem is Ukama, a water type with the ability Hydrologist, which boosts its water type moves. It's packing a lot of high-damaging moves, but some well-placed electric attacks from Ganki or Nessla should take it out. She also has a Wiplump which goes down shockingly quickly to a well-placed electric move. Her final Temtem is Granpah, the final evolution of Paharo, and you should have dealt with plenty of these in the past.

Your reward for beating Tihani is access to the third island - Tucma.

Quetzal dojo - how to reach Yareni

Do you remember those sliding ice puzzles that Pokémon was obsessed with? While Team Rocket's hideout was bad enough, Temtem's fourth dojo has probably the worst sliding ice puzzle. It's terrible for two reasons: You recently lost the ability to skate on the crystal surface, and this might be the most difficult sliding ice puzzle ever devised.

Half of the difficulty stems from the high levelled tamers. Most will be sporting toxic and crystal types at around level 40. This is manageable on its own, but the sliding puzzle also has bumpers that can rise and fall, or rotate, all on a timed cycle. It's highly likely that you'll get incredibly lost. I got lost, lots of times. I had to be shown by the wonderful video above how to do it!

Below are the steps you need to take in order to reach the dojo leader. Make sure you at least have defeated every Tamer along the way, as otherwise this will get more aggrevating.

  1. Slide into the dojo, then time the slide north so that you bounce to the left or right, the bounce pad rotates, then you bounce back into it going north.
  2. Head down the stairs to the left and slide in the middle of the path to the south.
  3. Slide along the middle of the path to the east. Make sure you bounce to the north. If you bounce south, head back and try again.
  4. Go to the north-western tip of the regular floor here. Time your slide so that you bounce to the left, the bounce pad rotates, then you bounce back going north.
  5. There is a very well hidden gap to the north-east of this platform that heads east. All the bounce pads here rotate.
  6. When you slide, make sure you bounce north, east, north, west, and north. You should make it to a small narrow strip.
  7. Slide to the north, avoiding both bounce pads that rise and fall. If you miss one, you should miss the other. You'll bounce back to the start if you miss.

Once you've cleared that obstacle, head upstairs and you'll find the Temtem dojo leader Yareni. She's one very tough tamer, so make sure you're fully healed and that you have the right collection of Temtem.

Yareni's Team

  • Volarend (Lv34)
  • Myx (Lv31)
  • Mudrid (Lv36)
  • Noxolotl (Lv35)
  • Gazuma (Lv34)
  • Shuine (Lv43)

A balanced team is needed to take out Yareni. Aim to have your Temtem anywhere between level 35-40, containing at least one electric, earth, wind, crystal, and nature type. Melee types will work especially well against the highest level Temtem on Yareni's team, so they're worth splashing in as a sixth member.

Have your team begin the match with some form of toxic resistance. The Volarend uses an area of effect toxic type move that can whittle down members of your team. You should aim to take this out first, before immediately smacking Mudrid. Myx is somewhat weak defensively, so a well-placed physical attack from Valash can make short work of it. The biggest swerve in her team is the inclusion of Gazuma, the evolution of Ganki. If you're running Valash though, you should be able to deal with it before it does too much damage.

Noxolotl has the ability "Trance" which puts it to sleep when its health is below 30%. You can use this as a window of opportunity to focus on other Temtem while it snoozes away. Just make sure you defeat it before Shuine turns up. Shuine is Yareni's ace and its ability is devastating. It can protect the opposing team from some status ailments, namely burn, cold, doom, and poison. Deal with this threat as soon as it appears, especially if you have a good Melee or Nature type to hand.

Winning this fight will clear your name, as well as lead to resolving quests that net you the Rock-Hopping Hook.

Standing in front of the quicksand puzzles in Temtem's fifth dojo

Vumbi dojo - how to reach Musa

After the previous dojo, this one is a bit of a breeze. All the trainers here have either Earth, Crystal, or Melee types, but there is also a new Temtem that has Toxic moves that can poison your team. Their levels are somewhat comparable with the previous dojo, but they do reach around level 50 before you get to the dojo leader.

To get to the dojo leader, you need to drop down the following quicksand pits:

  • First room: This room has two drops before it loops. Head to the quicksand pit, then to the pit ahead of you. You'll drop to the door ahead.
  • Second room: This room has three drops before it loops. Head to the left pit, then the right pit, and then right again to pass the first lot of quicksand. Head up towards the next small quicksand, drop in the smaller of the two pits, then head up to appear next to the front door.
  • Third room: This one looks worse than it is. Enter the following pits: Right, right, up, right, and down. This will plonk you in a space surrounded by four pits. From here, head right, up, up, and up. You'll drop into a straight path that following up will lead to the dojo leader.

Before long you'll reach Musa. Make sure you have plenty of revives, balms, and other healing items, because this one is a bit of a slugfest.

Musa's team

  • Mudrid (Lv40)
  • Kauren (Lv40)
  • Akranox (Lv42)
  • Mushook (Lv42)
  • Skunch (Lv48)
  • Yowlar (Lv50)

You've likely seen four of Musa's Temtem beforehand, so you should know what the Temtem's weaknesses are. Make sure your Temtem are at least level 45-50 as the last two are much higher levels than the rest of Musa's roster. As for types, you should have water, wind, and mental types ready to fight.

Begin the fight with a couple of water types to make short work of Kauren. It has the scavenger skill which restores health whenever another Temtem faints. Akranox is the sole toxic type in Musa's party, but thanks to a 4x weakness to wind, you should make short work of it. Once Akranox is beaten though every other Temtem that Musa brings out has a big weakness to mental types. If you picked the mental type starter and have been levelling it up, you should have a Temtem that has powerful attacks to make short work of Skunch and Yowlar.

Yowlar is a bit of a tank, despite being a pure neutral type. This is partially because Musa stuck a lot of damage resistance equipment onto it. You'll want to wipe out the rest of Musa's team before dealing with it, but you may incur significant damage by doing so. Healing items will help you greatly, so make sure if you take too much damage that you revive fallen Temtem. Winning this fight gives you the resistance badge, which is needed to access the next area.

We will be bringing you more details as they come, but until then, why not check out our Temtem evolutions guide to see how you can evolve your Temtem

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