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Temtem Barnshe: location, full move set, and why electric attacks ruin it

You may have seen a request from one of the NPCs for a Temtem called Barnshe. It's a particularly rare bird that only appears in one area. It's a great option for those looking to have a Mental type in their party as it has access to a lot of great moves, but it comes with one major caveat that you need to know in advance.

Barnshe Temtem

Temtem Barnshe guide

With effective use of our Barnshe guide, you will learn where to find a very rare Temtem, as well as learn of its one massive weakness that you should always keep in mind.  There are plenty of Temtem out in the wild, and our Temtem list has the full selection. For more tips and tricks for Temtem, head to our Temtem guide.

Temtem Barnshe location

Barnshe location

To find a Barnshe, you'll need to be on the top floor of Windward Fort. It'll be around level 12-14 and have access to the moves Peck, Sand Splatter, Wind Blade, and Wind Burst. You'll need to have defeated the Belsoto leader here before you can encounter it.

This is a creature with a very low chance of appearing and it can only appear in this location. You'll likely be using a fair few Temcards to try and catch this one.

Barnshe techniques

Barnshe is a Wind/Mental type with a fair few offensive attacks. In later levels, it has access to some very powerful Wind and Mental attacks with very low "hold" requirements. Its stats are also not too shabby, though the defence and HP is a little low. I would definitely consider breeding Barnshe if you can as the moves it learns by breeding are pretty good low-level attacks. These are the techniques that Barnshe learns by levelling up or Breeding:

  • Breeding: Beta Burst
  • Breeding: Lullaby
  • Breeding: Energy Manipulation
  • Lv1: Peck
  • Lv4: Sand Splatter
  • Lv7: Wind Blade
  • Lv10: Wind Burst
  • Lv15: Bamboozle
  • Lv19: Intimidation
  • Lv25: Hypoxia
  • Lv31: Psy Surge
  • Lv40: Tornado

Barnshe courses

Barnshe learns a wide variety of technical courses. Courses are multi-use items that you can only find one copy of each one. We have a Temtem Course locations guide to help you locate them.

  • TC003: Turbo Choreography
  • TC004: Wake Up
  • TC005: Misogi
  • TC007: Noxious Bomb
  • TC017: Relax

Kinu strengths/weaknesses

  • Strong against: Neutral, Earth, Wind, and Melee (1/2 damage).
  • Weak to: Fire, Digital and Crystal (2x damage).
  • Very weak to: Electric (4x damage)

Temtem Barnshe battle

Should Barnshe be in my party?

The answer boils down to one key question: Did you choose Houchic as your starter? If so, then you don't need a Barnshe in your party. If you didn't then you absolutely should include it in your team. Your rival knows just how powerful this Temtem can be as he has a Barnshe on his team, though this one is a very rare Luma Temtem. If you want a Luma Barnshe of your own, then our Luma Temtem guide is the best place to start.

Just be very careful which Temtem you keep Barnshe in battles against. If there is ever a risk of being attacked by an electric attack, never keep Barnshe in, as it will not survive a single hit thanks to its 4x weakness to electric type moves. Out of the types that Barnshe is weak against, electric is the one you'll probably see the most of, so you should always opt to switch out whenever you face an opposing electric type.

But that doesn't mean that Barnshe is useless. Far from it. It has some very heavy hitting Wind attacks later on and gains access to Mental attacks make it an invaluable member of any team.

Hopefully this helps you nab that rare bird Temtem. Barnshe doesn't evolve, but you can check out our Temtem evolutions guide to see which Temtem do evolve, as well as the rest of the currently available Temtem in the Early Access build of the game.

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