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Temtem type chart: strengths and weaknesses of all 12 Temtem types

How to choose the best Temtem types for your squad

Temtem has a similar approach to a lot of JRPGs. It uses types to determine how effective attacks are against a specific ally or enemy. As a Temtem tamer, it's your job to ensure that you keep your squad safe and exploit enemy weaknesses.

But given that we haven't had over 20 years to learn which types are effective against which type, it can be handy to have a chart to remind you.

Our Temtem types guide explains how types work and includes a full Temtem type chart for your reference. We've also included some general combat tips that you might not be aware of. You can get more tips on Temtem in our handy Temtem guide.

Temtem type chart

Since Temtem introduces a whole new set of creature types to get used to, I've created a handy little Temtem type chart that you can have open alongside the game. Click the image above to enlarge the Temtem type chart to full size. This will ensure that you know exactly which types are super effective against which types, and which will resist your Temtem's attacks.

The full Temtem Types chart with all the strengths and weaknesses for each type explained.
Click the type chart to enlarge the image.

To read the Temtem type chart, look for the type of the Temtem attacker in the symbols on the left (labelled "Attacking Temtem"), and follow your finger to the right until you reach the column with the symbol of the defending Temtem's type at the top.

The colour shown will tell you if the attack will be super effective, do regular damage, or isn't very effective against that type. Use this chart when facing off against the Temtem dojos.

Temtem types

Temtems can have up to two types, of which there are 12 in total. These types affect the kind of moves a Temtem has in its move pool, but also which other Temtem types it is strong and weak against. Below are all the types and which elements they are effective against:

Temtem TypeStrong against (x2 damage)Weak against (x0.5 damage)
FireNature CrystalFire Water Earth
WaterFire Earth DigitalWater Earth Toxic
NatureWater EarthFire Earth Toxic
ElectricWater Mental Wind DigitalNature Electric Earth Crystal
EarthFire Electric CrystalWater Nature Wind
MentalNeutral MeleeCrystal
WindToxicElectric Wind
DigitalMental Digital MeleeN/A
MeleeEarth CrystalN/A
CrystalElectric MentalFire Earth
ToxicWater NatureEarth Digital Crystal Toxic

Some combinations are decent at resisting the same type more than once, while others can open you up to be hit for 4x the effectiveness of a regular attack. For example, the Barnshe that is shown in the above screenshot is both Wind and Mental types. Both types can be good against the majority of Temtem, but one hit from an Electric Temtem's electric attacks will likely make it faint on the spot.

Targetting a Temtem with a move type that is super effective against them will display the targeting ring as green.

Temtem types tips

Now that you have the Temtem type chart at your beck and call, it's only fair that we also give some tips on combat, and how to battle effectively with your Temtem:

  • Provided you have previously caught the Temtem you're fighting, you'll be able to see the effectiveness of your attack. Super effective attacks have a yellow ring around the enemy Temtem. A red ring means your attack is not very effective, while a white ring means neutral damage.
  • It's worth noting that just because a Temtem's attack is super effective against it, that doesn't mean it automatically resists the opponent's move type. So while Electric type attacks are super effective against Mental types, Mental attacks aren't resisted by Electric Temtem.
  • If a Temtem's first type is resistant to, say water attacks, but their second is weak to them, they will take normal damage. The Earth/Crystal type Bunbun for example, takes neutral damage from Fire attacks.
  • Those Temtem that are lucky enough to be doubly resistant to the same type take far less damage. So Bunbun will only take 0.25x the regular damage when facing an Electric attack.
  • However, those unfortunate enough to be weak to the same type will take four times the damage. This means that Wiplump, who has Wind and Water types, takes 4x regular damage from Electric attacks.
  • Equipping some gear items can help mitigate damage that's dealt to or dealt by your Temtem. Check our Temtem gear locations guide for more information.
  • Courses and their corresponding moves also have types associated with them. Have a look at our Temtem Course locations guide to find out what types each move are.
  • There are no critical hits in Temtem.
  • Priority in moves is affected by speed. So if your speed is reduced, a lower priority move has the potential to strike before your high priority move.
  • If you have moves that inflict status ailments, you can't normally stack the same status ailment. You can, however, inflict a second or even third status ailment on the same Temtem.
  • Should you be struggling with certain fights, you can opt to wait it out by allowing the opponent to hurt itself by running out of stamina.
  • If a Temtem overexerts itself in a turn, it will always rest the next turn. Use this as an opportunity to heal or switch out if you need to.

Showing Nessla, who is a water/electric type of Temtem.

Best Temtem for each type

We also have a small suggestion for party members. We've compiled a list of all the Temtem in our Temtem list guide, as well as all the known Temtem evolutions in our Temtem evolutions guide.

  • Certainly having an Electric type Temtem is a good shout for newer players. The likes of Nessla or Ganki are a good start.
  • You won't get a Fire type until you're partway through the second island, but make sure you get at least one of Raiben, Magmis, or Banapi.
  • Your starter will influence which Temtem you could theoretically add to the party. Barnshe is the only real to Houchic, though you may get some success early on with Saipat, or later in the campaign with Mushook.
  • Saku is a great early addition for Toxic and Nature, but you'll want to replace it with either the gifted Deendre or Taifu later on.
  • At some point, you'll be gifted a Valash. It's a fantastic physical attacker and deals with threats that are weak to Crystal.
  • Have either Ukama or Oceara fill the slot for Water Temtem. You could also use Shuine to fill this slot if you've not committed to it.
  • If you didn't pick Houchic to start with, then Hocus is a good alternative.

Thanks so much for checking out our Temtem type chart guide. If you need more top tips that you come across for Temtem, check out our Temtem guide. We also have begun researching how to obtain the most elusive Temtem in our Luma Temtem guide.

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