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Temtem type chart: Strengths and weaknesses of every Temtem type

Learn the strengths and weaknesses of each Temtem type

Looking for a Temtem type chart? Like that little game called Pokemon from which it borrows so much, Temtem has various different types. There are twelve types in total, and each Temtem will have either one or two types. For example, a Temtem can be purely Fire type, or a hybrid of Fire and Flying. Each type is strong and weak against other types, meaning most battles will be won by the Temtem tamer with the best types for that particular match. A Water Temtem will almost always destroy a Fire Temtem, while Fire will destroy Nature types. There are a lot of other type matchups, though, and it can all get rather confusing, so we're here to help.

In this guide, we'll provide a Temtem type chart to show the strengths and weaknesses of every Temtem type.

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Temtem type chart

Since Temtem introduces a whole new set of creature types to get used to, we've created a handy little Temtem type chart that you can have open alongside the game. Click the image above to enlarge the Temtem type chart to full size. This will ensure that you know exactly which types are super effective against which types, and which will resist your Temtem's attacks.

A chart showing the various type matchups in Temtem, with attacking type on the left and defending Temtem on the top. Green squares show super effective type matchups, while red squares show the least effective.

To read the Temtem type chart, look for the type of the Temtem attacker in the symbols on the left (labelled "Attacking Temtem"), and follow your finger to the right until you reach the column with the symbol of the defending Temtem's type at the top.

The colour shown will tell you if the attack will be super effective, do regular damage, or isn't very effective against that type. Use this chart when facing off against the various Temtem Dojos.

It's worth noting that, since Temtem can be two types at once, it is possible to be hit for 4x the effectiveness of a regular attack. For example, the Temtem known as Barnshe is both Wind and Mental types. Both types can be good against the majority of Temtem, but one hit from an Electric Temtem's electric attacks will likely make it faint on the spot. Likewise, it is also possible to take just 25% of a move's damage if your Temtem's types are both resistant to the incoming move.

Fortunately, Temtem will very rarely force you into using creatures of certain types. Unless you want to fight through the Shrines guarding the various Tuwai evolutions, you can pick and choose whichever Temtem you want and come prepared for every fight.

That wraps up our Temtem type chart guide, but there's plenty more to learn if you want to become the best Temtem tamer. If you want to get more powerful Temtem, take a look at our guide on how to get Luma Temtem - Temtem's version of shiny Pokemon. If you're trying to bolster your team and want to evolve them all, check out our list of every Temtem and how to get them.

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