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Temtem Hocus: location of this powerful Temtem

Finding the hypnosis Temtem

Most of the new Temtem introduced in the latest expansion were exclusive to the Kisiwa region, but with the climbing gloves now available there is one of the older Temtem that is now reachable. Hocus is a powerful mental type Temtem and well worth looking for if you didn't choose the mental type starter.

This Hocus Temtem guide will show you the exact location for hunting down this incredibly rare Temtem. There will also be some descriptions about this creature's base stats, and all of the mental type moves it has access to. Be sure to check out the rest of the Temtem list to see what else is available.

The cliff face on the Gifted Bridge where Hocus is in Temtem

Hocus location

This Temtem isn't found until quite late in the Early Access build of the game. Hocus is up a cliff face in the Gifted Bridge area. It's before the bridge itself, which is in Kisiwa. Accessing it requires you to have a few things:

  • You need to have beaten the fifth dojo.
  • You need to have the climbing gloves, given to you in the area after the fifth dojo.

Once you have the gloves, head back to the Tucma region and use the airship in town to fly to Deniz. From here, go north out of the town and you'll find the right route.

Hocus techniques

Hocus exclusively learns mental type attacks. A lot of them are powerful, but they also take a few turns to charge up before you can use them. If you're confused about what mental type moves are effective against, check out our Temtem type chart guide.

The full list of attacks that Hocus can learn by level up are:

  • Lv1: Hypnosis
  • Lv4: Stare
  • Lv8: Beta Burst
  • Lv12: Psychosis
  • Lv16: Telekinetic Shrapnel
  • Lv27: Gamma Burst

Hocus courses

It is unknown if Hocus will learn any moves outside of levelling up in the future, but Hocus cannot currently learn any of the TCs in the game at this time.

Hocus strengths/weaknesses

As a pure mental type, Hocus is strong and weak against only a few types:

  • Strong against: Neutral and Melee (1/2 resistance)
  • Weak to: Electric, Digital, and Crystal (2x resistance)

Hocus's entry in the Tempedia

Should Hocus be in my party?

Hocus is a unique case. Because its Soft Touch trait makes it so that hitting sleeping Temtem doesn't wake them up, it can be a great strategy to use against bothersome enemies.

It can also evolve into Pocus, which is a very powerful Temtem to have in your party if you didn't pick the mental type starter. If you did pick Houchic though, that is a powerful Temtem that does very similar things to Hocus, so at that point, Hocus and Pocus are only worth putting into your Tempedia.

Whatever your situation is though, it's worth hunting down Hocus to complete the Tempedia. If you want to  I'd also suggest checking the Temtem evolutions guide as plenty of other Temtem can be paired with Hocus or Pocus to round off a balanced team.

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