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Temtem Nessla: location, full move set, and why it's overpowered

If there is one Temtem that I say is absolutely mandatory to capture, it is Nessla. It's name might sound like a forced portmanteau of a mythical beast and the father of electricity, but this Temtem is no joke. It's incredibly overpowered thanks to a combination of one attack and one of its abilities, so it's worth hunting this elusive Temtem down just to take advantage of it.

Nessla Temtem

Temtem Nessla guide

In this Nessla guide for Temtem, I will be showing you where to find your first Nessla, as well as detail why every party should include this overpowered Temtem. Do be sure to check out the rest of the Temtem list.

Temtem Nessla location

Nessla location

You're going to need to have beaten the first Temtem Dojo in Arissola before you can find Nessla. You can find the Nessla by surfing in the small lake in the Thalassian Cliffs. They'll be around levels 17-18 and will have access to the techniques Chain Lightning, Sparks, Strangle, and Tesla Prison. If you want to test the waters to see what ability it has, use an electric attack.

There's one other place that you'll find Nessla, which is the Sillaro River's south-eastern pool. It's somewhat close to Turquesa and can be found at a lower level, but it's just easier to surf in the lake in the Thalassian Cliffs.

Nessla techniques

Nessla is an Electric/Water type Temtem with some mostly okay attacks. These are the techniques that Nessla learns by levelling up or Breeding:

  • Lv1: Bubbles
  • Lv4: Water Blade
  • Lv6: Chain Lightning
  • Lv9: Sparks
  • Lv13: Strangle
  • Lv16: Tesla Prison
  • Lv24: Stare
  • Lv30: Iced Stalactite
  • Lv44: Electric Storm

Nessla courses

Nessla can only learn a handful of courses found throughout the game. These are multi-use items that you can only find one of in the world each, so use our Temtem Course locations guide to locate them.

  • TC004: Wake Up
  • TC012: Rend

Nessla strengths/weaknesses

  • Strong against: Fire, Water, Wind (1/2 resistance)
  • Immune to Electric if it has Electric Synthesize
  • Weak to: Nature, Crystal, Toxic (2x resistance)

Nessla Temtem

Should Nessla be in my party?

Absolutely yes! I'd say that if you can get a Nessla with the Electric Synthesize ability, then you are pretty much set for Electric types for the rest of the game's campaign while it's in Early Access. This is because Electric Synthesize heals all damage done to it by electric attacks, which includes Chain Lightning recoil damage.

Chain Lightning targets three Temtem, going clockwise from the initial target. So if you set Nessla as your second Temtem in the roster, then use Chain Lightning on the Temtem in the opposite corner, it will damage both enemy Temtem and heal your Nessla. Since it learns Chain Lightning so early on, this is a very busted technique. It's because of this that I fully recommend it over Ganki as your Electric Temtem of choice.

Just make sure that you switch Nessla out if a Nature, Toxic, or Crystal enemy appears as they can potentially take out Nessla in one shot thanks to its very low base HP.

There we have it. That's everything you need to learn about Nessla and why you should definitely have one. While Nessla doesn't evolve you can check out our Temtem evolutions guide to see other Temtem that do evolve, as well as the rest of the currently available Temtem.

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