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Temtem Valash: location, full move set, and why it is the best Crystal Temtem

Do you want a Temtem that's a reliably hard-hitter, has access to great moves, and not too many glaring weaknesses? At some point in the game, you're just given one of the best Temtem available in the Early Access build. It's a Netural/Crystal type Temtem that sprints like a ninja from a certain popular anime show. Don't let its silly run deceive you, this badger packs a punch.

Valash Temtem

Temtem Valash guide

By reading this Valash Temtem guide, we will tell you when you get Valash as a gift and show you the exact location for hunting down more of this powerful Temtem. There will also be some descriptions about this creature's base stats, and the complete move set as of the Early Access period. There are quite a few Crystal other types in the area you find this Temtem, including one of the starters, so be sure to check out the rest of the Temtem list to see what else is available.

Temtem Valash location

Valash location

This is perhaps the easiest one of the very rare Temtem to find. You will receive a Valash upon approaching Queztal in Tucma. To say how would be spoiling things though.

However, this gift Valash is not the only one you can catch, as Valash is also found in the Quarry area of the Mines of Mictlan. but you do need to do a few things before you can even encounter it.

  • You need to have beaten the third dojo.
  • You need to get the surfboard back (trade a Toxolotl in Quetzal)
  • Treat the surfboard so it is acid proof.
  • Approach Xolot Reservoir from Quetzal and immedately surf to the south.
  • Find the circular island in the south-west corner of the swamp and descend downstairs
  • Surf past the waterfall to the west and towards the quarry to the north. (You can unlock a shortcut to Queztal if you reach the top of the quarry and open the door.)

The gift Valash will be at level 35, while the wild ones are anywhere from level 35 to 39. This means that it will know the moves Crystal Dust, Sharp Stabs, Crystal Bite, and Crystal Spikes. If you encounter one that's at level 39 though, it will know Rend instead of Crystal Dust.

Valash techniques

Valash is a Neutral/Crystal type, but the vast majority of moves it learns are Crystal type moves. Every move that Valash learns is an attacking technique, but it has a nice mixture of physical and special attacks. You can see what types Crystal type moves are effective against by looking at our Temtem type chart guide.

The full list of attacks that Valash can learn by level up and breeding are:

  • Breeding: Clinch
  • Breeding: Ninja Jutsu
  • Lv1: Scratch
  • Lv6: Glass Blade
  • Lv10: Crystal Dust
  • Lv17: Sharp Stabs
  • Lv24: Crystal Bite
  • Lv31: Crystal Spikes
  • Lv39: Rend
  • Lv48: Held Anger

Valash courses

Valash learns a lot of moves via courses, even ones that adjust stats rather than deal damage. You can use them to create a more balanced build should you so wish. If you want to know where the courses are, their locations are in our Temtem Course locations guide. Here's what Valash can be taught with Technique Courses:

  • TC009: Antitoxins
  • TC010: Confiscate
  • TC017: Relax

Valash strengths/weaknesses

If Valash does have a downside, it's the number of weaknesses outnumber the number of strengths. Here are the type match-ups you should care about when using this Temtem.

  • Strong against: Electric, Toxic (1/2 resistance)
  • Weak to: Fire, Earth, Melee (2x resistance)

Temtem Valash

Should Valash be in my party?

Valash is really quick and has some equally good attack and special attack stats. On top of that, it has access to a full suite of Crystal type attacks that pack a big punch. The fact you get one for free is a big deal, but you can try to hunt for better ones at a later date in the same area. It may also benefit a little from breeding or being taught technical courses to give its move pool a bit more diversity.

Its usefulness may be disguised by the fact that you first use the gift Valash in an area littered with Bunbun. Earth moves, along with fire and melee type attacks, will wreck the crystal badger. You need to ensure that it the Temtem it hits will faint before those types of Temtem can retaliate. Switching out against these three types could be an option though, so Valash is a worthy member of the team.

Now you know everything about Valash, I highly suggest that you check out our Temtem evolutions guide to see which other Temtem you should have in your party.

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