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Pick up the Logitech MX Master 3 wireless mouse for $55 at Office Depot (was $100)

Using a combination of codes to unlock this super-low price.

The Logitech MX Master is an incredibly popular series of office mice, and today the latest MX Master 3 has dropped from its usual price of $100 to just $55 at Office Depot. That's a massive discount, achieved via a combination of an Office Depot price drop to $75, a 25% off code (SELFMADETECH) and a 30% back rewards code (90893995).

This isn't the best mouse for gaming, but based on my experiences with the original MX Master and its successors, plenty of PC gamers will use something like this for surfing the web, working and playing single-player games, then switch to something lighter if needed for multiplayer gaming.

So what makes the MX Master 3 so good, anyway? First of all, it's just incredibly comfy, with an ergonomic right-handed design that can be used all day. It's got a similar infinite scroll wheel to the Logitech G502 (the RPS readers' mouse of choice), letting you fly through web pages at warp speed - as well as a secondary wheel for your thumb, which you bind to all manner of things. Logitech's software for customising the mouse is very powerful, and there's even a feature that lets you control up to three PCs with the same mouse, including copying text and files from one to the other - very handy if you've got a desktop and a laptop in play.

In terms of the hardware, it's also pretty impressive. It can connect to PCs and other devices via Bluetooth, USB-C or a 2.4GHz low-latency wireless dongle (included in the box), so you've got plenty of flexibility. The sensor is rated up to 4000 DPI, sufficient for most gaming and non-gaming use cases, and works on glass and other tricky surfaces. Battery life is rated at 70 days, thanks to the lack of RGB lighting, although this is likely for the higher latency Bluetooth connection.

This is something a little bit different than we would normally cover, so do let me know if it's of interest - your feedback will help these deals posts to be more relevant and helpful for everyone! Thanks for joining me and we'll catch you again next time for more deals.

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