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The Electronic Wireless Show podcast episode 185: the best dungeons in games special

[Ominous music, dripping, occasional rat squeak]

Nate returns, and with him the suspicious smell of eggs and salt water. But also highjinks! We discuss toilet meals, revenge, and content theft of "It's me, Blorko!" and other instances of stolen Twitter valour. If valour exists on Twitter. This is, of course, all prelude to us talking about some of our favourite dungeons in video games - there are a lot! Shout out to Zelda, which Nate hasn't played, but also Hades, Elden Ring and - of course - Dungeon Keeper. And many more!

There's no Henry Cavill update this week, but there is a nailbiter Cavern Of Lies to look forwards to. Also, Matthew says The Northman has a fight in it that is the closest you'll get to a Dark Souls film. So. Look out for that.

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Music is by Jack de Quidt.

Music is by Jack de Quidt, who could escape any dungeon.

Elden Ring has a good "evil Hogwarts" dungeon, and there are some great catacombs in Dark Souls 3 (including skeleton wheels). Nate is a fan of the snake fight in Sekiro.

The Age Of Empires II DLC Lords Of The West has a really good dungeon unit (which Nate says is the origin of the word dungeon in the first place.

In a surprise twist, I am not the one to bring up Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines. Matthew points out that it has a great dungeon level that isn't a dungeon in the spooky haunted hotel, but also has one of the worst dungeon sewer segments in any game ever.

Nate is a fan of Druidstone: The Secret Of The Menhir Forest, a labour of love from the devs behind Legend of Grimrock.

You know what's a great dungeon? Hades' underworld, that's what. Very good thematic dungeon, is that. Also: Dungeon Keeper, a dungeon that you build and run yourself. Good work, you.

Shout out to the original Baldur's Gate DLC Tales Of The Sword Coast, which had a chess-based dungeon that Matthew cheesed using fireballs.

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