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Cyberpunk 2077's expansion dialogue and missions details have allegedly leaked

Spoilers within

Details of Cyberpunk 2077's first expansion have apparently leaked, including the dialogue for all its main quests. The leak apparently comes via files accidentally included with the Cyberpunk 1.5 patch released back in February, which were removed by CDPR hours later but discovered and saved by dataminers.

Although the discoverers of these files did not initially share them, one dataminer reportedly chose to do so now after having a disagreement with a CDPR moderator.

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The posted files, which have since been removed from filesharing sites via DMCA requests, have been widely discussed on sites such as Reddit. Although the dialogue files allegedly contained some placeholder text, a lot of story details for the expansion could also be gleaned. Don't read on if you want to avoid potential spoilers for the expansion's setting, length and one of its characters.

Cyberpunk 2077's expansion will apparently take place primarily in the Combat Zone, an area of the Pacifica region of Night City that is inaccessible in the main game. The Combat Zone is what it sounds like: a lawless region of Night City where the desperate can fight and kill with impunity. The expansion will also allow players to access the Sports Dome, an arena visible but inaccessible in the main game, and apparently focuses on a character called Songbird.

Songbird's head mesh and face cyberware have previously been discovered within Cyberpunk 2077 by dataminers. Players had already been speculating that she was either a DLC character or a cut character.

Allegedly there are seven main quests with dialogue outlined in the files, as well as hints that there will be new world encounters and fixer quests.

I'm excited enough about Cyberpunk 2077's expansion to not want to look at these files myself because I don't want the spoilers. The base game was always good, but now it works and I'm ready for more. It's only a shame that the expansion isn't due until 2023.

Correction: This story originally stated that Songbird's entire model and outfit variants were discovered in the game's files, when only her head and some related cyberware and accessories were.

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