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The Monument Valley games are coming to PC in July

Both the original and the sequel will be getting a Panoramic Edition release

Perspective puzzlers Monument Valley and Monument Valley 2 are heading to PC this summer. They'll be expanded - not just for bigger screens, but also "with more intriguing impossibilities than ever before."

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I will definitely take any excuse to fiddle around with the beautiful architecture of these worlds and explore their unfolding narratives again.

In a behind the scenes video posted to YouTube today, some of the developers discuss how they've made changes so that the games feel at home on PC as they once did on mobile. Hovering over interactable objects will now make them glow, for example, something you couldn't achieve with the inelegance of a finger on a screen.

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"We didn't know whether it would look good to have Monument Valley levels in widescreen," says senior producer John Lau. Luckily, it does! Seeing the buildings fade off into the distance gives a real sense of scale and character to the whole world.

Developers ustwo games have released for PC before. Assemble With Care tasks the player with fixing up broken things, while Alba: A Wildlife Adventure is a wildlife photography game which I very shamefully haven't played despite it looking right up my alley.

Monument Valley and Monument Valley 2's Panoramic Editions will be available on Steam from July 12. All the DLCs and addons will be included as standard, too.

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