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Genshin Impact starts handing out freebies today to compensate for update 2.7's delay

Weekly free Primogems and item drops for players up until the next version launches

The next update for free-to-play professional Breath Of The Wild impersonator Genshin Impact has been delayed, but developers MiHoYo have promised to hand out ‘compensation’ starting from today. MiHoYo announced the delay on Twitter last week due to “project progress”, but promised to issue Travelers with complimentary goodies every week until the launch of update 2.7. They don’t clarify when that update will be though. More info is in the full statement on MiHoYo’s site.

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So what do you get for your patience? A weekly dose of 400 Primogem, 1 Fragile Resin, 7 Hero’s Wit, 16 Mystic Enhancement Ore and 120,000 Mora. Not too shabby. MiHoYo say that if the time between update 2.7 launching and the previous weekly compensation is less than a full week then they’ll alter the date of the last batch of free gubbins to account for that. I think it must've all fallen off the back of a wagon.

The compensation only pops for players who’ve reached Adventure Rank 5 or above by today, May 11th. You’ll need to claim it before version 2.6 ends with the arrival of the 2.7 update. The goodies will be sent out through Genshin Impact’s in-game mail every Wednesday at 4am server time. Genshin Impact has three servers – Asia, North America and Europe – all with their own local reset times, so watch out for that. Mail also expires after 30 days and will take all the nice shiny contents with it if they’re not claimed before then.

This isn’t the first time MiHoYO have given out items and in-game currency when issues have cropped up with Genshin Impact. Back in February during the Lunar New Year celebrations, some players were sent two of the Lantern Rite gifts containing Intertwined Fates used for spins in the gacha machine to unlock event characters and weapons. To make up for that, MiHoYo then sent everyone an extra Lantern Rite gift. Yay for egalitarianism.

Graham counted Genshin Impact among the best games of 2020. “I'd recommend it even if you don't like anime, and even if you don't like JRPGs - and I don't, particularly,” he said. “This is a rare game where I'm as excited to see what's over the next hill as I am to advance the story, and where my favourite moment so far was when I stumbled upon a duck pond at night.“ Hopefully he managed to wade himself out okay.

Genshin Impact version 2.7, erm, hasn’t got a date attached as yet. MiHoYo say to keep checking back regularly. You can nab Genshin Impact in its 2.6 state for exactly no monies over on the official site.

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