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Genshin Impact offering everyone a bonus gift following technical glitch

A free extra Intertwined Fate for all!

The Lunar New Year celebrations in Genshin Impact have become a little more generous than planned, with the free-to-play action-RPG offering all players a double of one of the gifts. A glitch with the game's mail system meant some players received a duplicate of one of the daily Lantern Rite gifts, a bundle including one of the precious Intertwined Fate doodads which can unlock event characters and weapons. To make this right, developers Mihoyo are now offering everyone a duplicate.

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Earned simply by logging in, the first of the five daily gifts included 1 Intertwined Fate, 5 Golden Crabs, and 6 Sanctifying Unctions. The terminology of free-to-play games sure is impenetrable to outsiders, but resident Genshin guider Rebecca tells me the Intertwined Fate is the big present, used for a spin in the gacha machine to unlock event characters and weapons. And due to "a configuration issue with the in-game mail", the devs say, players on some servers received two of the gifts in their post.

Rather than strip the lucky players of this Lantern Rite gift, or leave some people out, Mihoyo plan to offer everyone a double.

"Between 2022/02/09 0:00 (server time) and the end of V2.4, all Travelers will receive a total of two copies of the mail," they explained on Twitter. "Travelers who have already received two copies will not be able to claim these same rewards again. We will not withdraw any rewards already issued."

Version 2.4 will "end" with the launch of v2.5 next Wednesday, the 16th of February, so you've got a while to grab the bonus. V2.5 will also bring new characters, new bosses, and a bartending minigame.

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