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Get a fan-favourite wireless Logitech G305 gaming mouse for £24

An excellent price for a surprisingly solid piece of kit.

Yesterday I brought you word that some of Logitech's most popular gaming mice were on sale at Amazon UK, and now I'm back to say that you should spare a thought for a lesser-known cult favourite: the Logitech G305 Lightspeed. This wireless mouse is going for just £24, an absolute bargain price for a critically-acclaimed gaming mouse with a high-end Hero optical sensor, six programmable buttons, a lightweight design and rock-solid wireless.

So why this mouse over the more popular G502 and G502 Lightspeed? Well, this mouse is cheaper, for one, with the G502 Lightspeed costing £58 even at its current sale price - more than double what you'll pay for this lovely G305. The G305 is also a lighter, svelter and smaller mouse, making it much better suited for FPS and other fast-paced games where a bigger, heavier mouse can be harder to flick into position.

The specs here are suprisingly solid too, given the price. It uses the same Lightspeed wireless tech as found on the more expensive G502 Lightspeed and G Pro Wireless, which is faster than a wired connection in some circumstances and just as reliable - in my many years of using it, I've never once had the mouse bug out, fail to connect or indeed exhibit any unusual behaviour whatsoever. There's also a Logitech Hero sensor which performs well and sips power, contributing to the mouse's endurance rating of up to 300 hours.

That brings us to the battery. As I mentioned the last time this mouse went on sale, you can swap out the included AA battery for a rechargeable Lithium Ion AAA battery and an adapter to hold it in place in the AA slot. See where I'm going with this? With a small hit to battery life, you get a significantly lighter mouse (84g vs 99g), allowing the G305 to enter the realms of the ultra-light and unlocking even more performance in flicky first person shooters.

This kind of enterprising discovery is emblematic of the G305, which has become a kind of cult classic amongst mice enthusiasts. There have been hundreds of projects that use the G305's rock solid sensor and wireless combo as the base, but swap in 3D printed shells, new mechanical switches and even entirely new features. Just look at the number of 3D printed designs available online!

You might not be that into that side of mouse modding, but I think it does speak to how well Logitech nailed the essentials here, and you can definitely feel it using the mouse in its completely stock form. There's a lot of love for this mouse out there, and it doesn't happen by accident!

g305 in seafoam green

Finally, before I leave you, I'd also like to mention that the G305 comes in a nice selection of colours. None of them are quite as cheap as the standard black model at £27, but they're worth the premium if you're partial to particular shades. There's blue, lilac, seafoam green and white - nice huh?

That just about does it, so thanks for joining me once again and I'll catch you next time!

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