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A sticky cursor bug is causing players to lose Lost Ark's new Legion Raid

It won’t come unstuck from the UI

The ‘Destined For Destruction’ update for fantasy action RPG Lost Ark arrived last week but it appears to have introduced a bug that makes the cursor stick to part of the UI and prevents clicking. Reddit user Sagezu was flummoxed by the bug over the weekend and shared their woe at crashing out of Lost Ark’s first Legion Raid, Valtan, which arrived as part of the May update. Judging by the comments, many other Lost Ark players were encountering the same bug.

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A few players chimed in to say they’d found ways to shake the UI off their cursor, like zoning out of the area or opening the marketboard and clicking register. Others had to log out of the affected character and sign back in to free up their mouse. Lost Ark’s developers Smilegate haven’t commented on the bug yet.

Players also seem to be running into freezes and frame rates issues when taking on certain bosses since the ‘Destined For Destruction’ update was implemented last week. Maybe Smilegate should’ve chosen a different name for it? The update brought a new Advanced Class to Lost Ark, the hammer-wielding Destroyer, along with the first Legion Raids and the new ‘Relic’ gear rarity. ‘Destined For Destruction’ also offers the weird opportunity to turn into a chicken.

If you’re looking for tips on which is the best class in Lost Ark then check out Rebecca’s guide. The full patch notes for the ‘Destined For Destruction’ are here – just try not to get stuck to them.

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