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Lost Ark's roadmap for the rest of 2022 features sneaky new classes and tricky raids

Take on angry winged lions and lightning dragons in the run up to 2023

Free to play fantasy MMO RPG Lost Ark has shared a sneak peek at the new classes and raids coming to the game up until the end of the year. Following on from September introducing Lost Ark’s very own Iron Man in the form of the Machinist advanced class, expect two more classes to arrive between now and the start of 2023, taking the roster to 21. October is all about raids though, and this month sees the arrival of the limited-time Mystic Abyss raid.

Cover image for YouTube videoLost Ark: Rage with the Machinist | September Update
The Machinist is Lost Ark's most recent new advanced class.

Also coming this month are the brutal Inferno difficulty for the Vykas Legion Raid, and the Achates Trial Guardian. These are both intended to be rock solid challenges. Both the Interno raid and Achates Trial Guardian reward you with titles and achievements instead of the usual rewards of gear and materials – if you best them successfully, of course. The Achates Trial Guardian is a winged lion with some kind of crown made of lightning bolts, so I can believe it’s not easy to tackle.

December sees the debut of one of Lost Ark’s most challenging raids, the Brelshaza Legion Raid. That pits you and seven other players against Brelshaza, Commander of the Phantom Legion. She’ll try to charm you, and cause some nasty hallucinations to trick you. There’ll be two difficulty levels for this raid because it’s pretty dang tricky. You’ll have to traverse six gates to tackle the raid, and the item level rises every two gates. Also coming in December is the Caliligos Guardian Raid against a big lightning dragon, grr.

The Reaper advanced class arrives in MMO RPG Lost Ark in November.
The Reaper is basically a ninja.

The next few months also bring two new advanced classes to Lost Ark: the Reaper and the Summoner. Reapers are stealthy assassins who can backstab and confuse opponents with clones of themselves. Summoners aren’t the most resilient class to play as, but these mages can call on elemental spirits to aid them in fights, which is handy. Each one of these spirits has their own set of skills, and they can draw on water, lightning, and earth attacks.

Ed compared Lost Ark to grey carpet when it launched earlier this year. “Lost Ark is swimming with characters who exist to give you things to do, but it is so much grey loop pile,” he said. “Androids that deliver their lines and enter standby. Less Westworld, more Carpetland. Grey carpets in the saloons. Greyer mats in the horse drawn carriages. Grey saddles. You're not here for an adventure, you're here to switch off your brain and mince things.”

Lost Ark is a free to play download from Steam. You can read the game’s end of year roadmap in full here.

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