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Wordle answer (Saturday 21 May 2022): Wordle 336 solution and hints

Here's the answer to Wordle #336

Looking for the Wordle answer for Saturday 21 May 2022? What could make for a better start to the weekend than your daily dose of everyone's favourite word game? Wordle solutions are valid for 24 hours, after all, so you can easily enjoy that lie-in and then finish today's puzzle while the valves are still warming up in your brain.

Wordle allows you six guesses to determine each day's five-letter solution, but in case you're still feeling a bit sleepy, read on for a few hints to get you started. We've also included the answer itself further down the page; just don't scroll past the video if you don't want spoilers!

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Wordle hints for Saturday 21 May 2022

Before we go ahead and give you the whole solution, here's a few helpful hints to nudge you in the right direction, in case you're just a bit stuck:

  • Today's answer contains just one vowel.
  • The second letter is "C".
  • This word has two distinct meanings, both of which can be a noun or a verb.
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Wordle answer for Saturday 21 May 2022

Beware spoilers below, as this is the part where we give the solution to today's Wordle:

The answer to today's Wordle is: SCRAP.

Scrap — a minor squabble, or an off-cut piece of paper or metal? It's really all a matter of perspective. This is one of many, many times when the lovely English language has developed two completely different words that just happen to look and sound exactly the same. Luckily, whichever definition you had in mind, Wordle will recognise your answer as correct. Now that you've ticked this one off your daily word puzzle to-do list, to be sure to keep a lid on the solution until tomorrow to avoid spoilers for other players.

You can check back in tomorrow for more Wordle hints from Rock Paper Shotgun, but for now why not check out our guide to the best Wordle starting words? We've also put together a comprehensive archive of past World answers for you to peruse at your leisure.

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