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GTA Online Podium Car (January 26): What is the top Lucky Wheel prize this week?

Find out which car is the podium prize this week

Need to know this week’s Podium Car in GTA Online? Once per day you can head down to GTA Online's Diamond Casino to spin the Lucky Wheel. Spins reward you with an array of fabulous prizes. The most coveted among them is the podium car, a rotating prize vehicle that you can walk away with for cheap. At around 1 in 20 odds, you probably won’t win every week, but when you do, you will make out like a bandit. Check out this week’s top prize below.

This week's GTA Online Podium Vehicle (26 January - 1 February)

The current Podium Car is the Ocelot Pariah. If you want to purchase this vehicle, it will cost you $1,420,000 from Legendary Motorsport. Introduced in The Doomsday Heist update, it's perfect for smooth roads and big corners, but can be a bit precarious with anything more complicated.

How Much Does a Lucky Wheel Spin Cost?

Spins are free, you can only do one spin every 24 hours though. To get the free spins, you do need to fork out $500 for a membership at the front desk. Other prizes include clothes, discount coupons for various other vehicles, and a mystery prize that can occasionally be worth even more than the podium car. This is all in-game money too, so it is worth taking a spin on the Lucky Wheel each day. The podium car will change every Thursday, and we’ll update this guide when it does to keep you in the loop.

That’s the breakdown for this week’s podium car! Give that Lucky Wheel a spin and hope you come up big. If you’re a newer player ready for some conventional car shopping, check out our guide to the best cheap cars in GTA Online. For those of you with some savings to burn, we’ve got a list of the five fastest cars in GTA Online.

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