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GTA Online’s new weapon shop is essentially an ice cream van that flogs railguns

Buy one and stop me

You know that bit in The Matrix where Neo says he needs lots of guns, and racks of them pop out of nowhere? Well, Grand Theft Auto Online’s latest addition is the Gun Van, and it’s going for a similar vibe. You can flag down the entrepreneurial van driver to buy pieces from a weekly rotating selection of what Rockstar calls “top-of-the-line weapons, ammunition, and armor”. It’s pretty much just the GTA equivalent of an ice cream truck, but for guns. Witness a short snippet of the Gun Van in action below.

GTA Online's new Gun Van packs some serious heat into quite a small vehicle.

The Gun Van’s aim is to undercut the bricks-and-mortar Ammu-Nation stores, offering discounted rates on its hardware. You can forget Rank requirements too, because there aren’t any. Up first in its roster of armaments is the punchy new railgun, a classic PC weapon if ever there was one. Sorry, shotgun. If you want to use the Gun Van’s services then you’ll need to keep an eye out for a dodgy-looking Vapid Speedo van while you’re cruising about doing crimes.

Other than the railgun, the batch of budget blastcannons on offer this week includes combat and assault shotguns, a heavy sniper rifle, and a compact EMP launcher that’s currently going for 45% off. GTA+ members also get a bigger discount off weaponry bought from the Gun Van. All that ordnance could come in handy for the Los Santos Drug Wars event running until February 8th that takes advantage of the new hard mode, which is handing out snazzy vehicle liveries if you complete the storyline’s First Dose mission.

Access to GTA Online is included in GTA 5, which you can grab from Steam and the Epic Games Store for £25/$30/€30. You can read more about the Gun Van and other new stuff coming to GTA Online here.

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