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Best Lost Ark Sharpshooter build: recommended skill levelling, engraving, and awakening skills for PvE and PvP

Hawkeye, but cooler

Looking for the best Sharpshooter build in Lost Ark? The Sharpshooter is Lost Ark’s resident archer class, wielding a mechanically augmented compound bow to battle foes at range. What Sharpshooter lacks in AoEs he makes up for with excellent mobility and powerful utility skills that will help drop bosses fast, both solo and in a group. If you’re looking to get into the Sharpshooter class, this guide will help you get started.

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Best Lost Ark Sharpshooter build: class overview

Lost Ark’s classes are typically defined by an Identity Gauge. Sharpshooter is somewhat unique, however, with an Identity Gauge and Skill that provides more passive support. His identity gauge is the Hawk Meter, which builds up as you attack enemies. When it fills, the Sharpshooter can use Summon Silverhawk to summon a mechanical hawk companion. Your Silverhawk will passively attack enemies for its duration, providing you a bit of extra damage plus a party-wide movement speed buff. The Silverhawk also has two skills of its own, which you can activate while it is out. Wings of Storm deals a quick burst of damage on a relatively low cooldown and can be used multiple times per summon. Last Rush, on the other hand, deals significantly more damage but ends the summon after use. So, summon your Silverhawk for some supplementary damage, then use Last Rush just before it expires.

Best Lost Ark Sharpshooter build: leveling and skills

While the Sharpshooter doesn’t have the best AoE in Lost Ark, he has enough to comfortably clear through the main story. Plus, he has excellent single target burst for bosses. Use your mobility to kite enemies into groups before quickly destroying them with skills like Charged Shot or Claymore Mine.

While the Sharpshooter doesn’t have the best AoE in Lost Ark, he has enough to comfortably clear through the main story. Plus, he has excellent single target burst for bosses. Use your mobility to kite enemies into groups before quickly destroying them with skills like Charged Shot or Claymore Mine.

Best Sharpshooter PvE skills

Skills Tripod 1 Tripod 2 Tripod 3
Sniper Quick Prep Weak Point Detection Easy Prey
Sharp Shooter Vital Point Hit Weak Point Detection Focus Shot
Arrow Wave Enhanced Arrow Slow Tide Wave Streak
Blade Storm Silver Master Lightning Blade Blade Dance
Charged Shot Quick Prep Double Shot Fast Fire
Rapid Shot Amplified Damage
Moving Slash Excellent Mobility
Deadly Slash Silver Master

Best Sharpshooter PvP skils

Skills Tripod 1 Tripod 2 Tripod 3
Snipe Insight Perfection Easy Prey
Moving Slash Excellent Mobility Repulse Survival
Blade Storm Ranged Hit Poison Blade Shadow Dance
Claymore Mine Swift Fingers Thunderbolt Storm Surge
Charged Shot Quick Prep Double Shot Fast Fire
Salve Quick Pace Arrow Blanket Stealthy Movement
Stalker Excellent Mobility Tenacity
Atomic Arrow Swift Fingers Heavy Bomb

In Arena PvP, skill point totals are normalized, so you will be able to max out most of your skills right away. Use those points to set up the build above. Sharpshooter is great at controlling the engagement, using mobility and stealth to outmaneuver foes before quickly bursting them down. His excellent range also allows him to pick on melee players without getting caught in their close-range AoEs. Our build takes advantage of all of these strengths to help you dominate PvP.

Best Lost Ark Sharpshooter build: Engravings

Engravings are an endgame customization option, adding powerful bonuses with which to min-max your character. You will start to encounter these around level 30, but won’t typically be able to take advantage of them until after 50. There are many generic Engravings that any class can use, but each class also has two class-specific Engravings. Sharpshooter’s class Engravings are:

  • Death Strike refunds 50% of your remaining Hawk Meter when you activate Last Rush. Foes hit by Last Rush take increased damage for 8 seconds.
  • Loyal Companion upgrades your Silverhawk to the Silverhawk Mk-II, which grants an improved party movement speed buff and higher basic attack damage. Wings of Storm deals increased damage and applies a Mark of Death debuff, increasing the target’s damage taken. Increases Hawk Meter regeneration.

For most classes, class Engravings create mutually exclusive, divergent playstyles. Sharpshooter is unique in that his Engravings are supplementary, rather than playstyle-defining. In fact, Sharpshooter can actually use both of his class Engravings at the same time, which is not a viable option for both classes. Doing this will make your Silverhawk far more powerful, and provide extremely useful damage bonuses to your whole party via the debuffs added to the Silverhawk’s skills.

Your generic Engravings are flexible, though Sharpshooter players will likely use fewer of them, investing instead in both class Engravings. Still, there are a number of useful options. These recommendations will be particularly synergistic with Sharpshooter’s kit.

  • Hit Master increases the damage of attacks that do not have the Back Attack or Frontal Attack modifier. This applies to most of your skills.
  • Raid Captain increases attack damage based on your movement speed. With Silverhawk and Loyal Companion, you will get a lot of damage from Raid Captain.
  • Grudge and Cursed Doll are the two largest unconditional damage increases you can get out of Engravings. However, Grudge increases incoming damage, and Cursed Doll reduces incoming healing. It is recommended that you only take these when you can achieve Engraving level 3, at which point the bonuses outweigh the downsides.

Best Lost Ark Sharpshooter build: Combat Stats and accessories

In addition to Engravings, accessory items in Lost Ark (necklaces, earrings, and rings) are your source for Combat Stats. These substats can have a major effect on your character, and it is important to target gear with the right stats for your build. Sharpshooters should look for Crit and Swiftness while leveling to maximize damage through critical hits and reduced cooldowns.

After acquiring class Engravings, you will need to adjust your stats based on the class Engravings you have active. If you’re only using Loyal Companion, stick with Crit and Swiftness. If you’re using Death Strike by itself or combining Death Strike and Loyal Companion, mix in some Specialization to build your Hawk Meter faster.

Best Lost Ark Sharpshooter build: Awakening skills

Awakening skills are your ultimate abilities, unlocked via the post-50 Trixion questline. While Awakening skills have lengthy, multi-minute cooldowns, they are also extremely powerful. Each class has two, though you can only equip one at a time. Sharpshooter’s are:

  • Golden Eye summons a whirlwind of Golden Hawks that deal damage in an area around you. You enter stealth for seven seconds on cast.
  • Fenrir’s Messenger charges up to unleash a huge spirit wolf that travels forward, dealing damage as it moves. This skill can hit large enemies multiple times as it passes through them.

For the moment, Golden Eye is the meta choice in most situations. The stealth aspect is extremely powerful, allowing for safe repositioning in both PvE and PvP content. Plus, Fenrir’s Messenger requires charging up while stationary, making it much more dangerous to cast. Against some particularly large bosses, Fenrir’s Messenger will hit enough times to make its damage worth considering, but you should default to Golden Eye in just about all cases.

That’s everything you need to get started with Sharpshooter in Lost Ark! If you still haven’t picked a class or need ideas for alts, check out our tier list for some inspiration. Every class is good though, so don’t sweat it too much. If you’re already three characters in and looking to boost another, our guide to Knowledge Transfers can help you out.

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