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What are we all playing this weekend?


Wotcha, reader dear. I'm unexpectedly away next week, so you have more time to vote on the latest step towards the single best thing in video games. I am not feeling the 'comparing two similar things' approach I tried this week. How's that meant to settle any serious matter? We tried, and we discovered science was a mistake. But what are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!

Alice Bee
I recently bought Little Witch In The Woods because it came out in early access without my noticing, and my goodness it is the cutest lil shopping list/crafting game I ever did see. The animation on the character sprites makes me want to live.

Today I'm due to receive a new company PC to replace one which barely meets modern minimum system requirements, so I look forward to a huge jump forward. I have to play the game of redownloading all my software, then my games, then might play something which has been beyond my technical reach. Or more of the 20 Minutes Till Dawn demo.

I really need to mow our lawn because you could hide a load of velociraptors in there right now, so that'll be happening at some point. Might dress up as Alan Grant to do it. Speaking of dinos, I'm hoping to find some time for Jurassic World Evolution 2 now it's on Game Pass for PC, and maybe Umurangi Generation too. Oh, and Old World just landed on GOG and Steam so I'll be founding a classical empire at some point.

I've got a badminton tournament spanning today and tomorrow, so I doubt I'll have much time to do anything other than sweat and eat bananas. If I get home in time, I hope to get back into Judgment (I caved and bought the PS5 version, in the end). Having played all the mainline Yakuza games, I've missed having a Ryu Ga Gotoku go-to, so I'm hoping Judgment will prove comforting.

Superman, Shaggy, Steven Universe, and Tom & Jerry fight in a MultiVersus screenshot.

I wasn't sure what my weekend would look like, but then the MultiVersus closed alpha came out of nowhere and hooked me. There's a surprising level of complexity in the different movesets, and watching Bugs Bunny beat up Superman is very entertaining.

I've just started a new Minecraft world, and have still been dipping into Team Fortress 2 every few days. If you told 2010 James he'd be playing the same two games 12 years later, he'd have believed you, but only because he lacked imagination.

After getting stuck in with the Hard West 2 beta last weekend (words on which are still incoming), I'm on a real tactics bent at the moment. I'm thinking maybe XCOM: Chimera Squad, or even going back to the original Hard West to see what's changed. Maybe I'll just play some more XCOM 2 instead... Oh dear, I'm meant to be good at making decisions in turn-based tactics games, this doesn't bode well at all.

I realised much to my horror the other day that I never actually finished The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. I played a lot of it (probably around 40 hours?) but I foolishly cast it aside in favour of something else. NieR: Automata, I think? I know I work for a PC website now but this still feels like a punishable offence, and I'd rather not be shouted at on Twitter for failing to finish the good video game. I think I'll restart it this weekend. That'll be nice.

There is nothing except V Rising. It has taken me into its dark, clawed embrace, and gently sucking the hours from my day. I plan to introduce several friends and family members to the game this weekend. And you. You should play it too. It's great. Trust me.

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There's only one week left until my first proper holiday for the best part of a year. I really, really should think about getting some packing sorted this weekend, or at least do my laundry or something. But my fellow denizens of the Treehouse are confidently predicting that I'll ignore it all to no-life Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong in two days flat, and you know, I have this feeling that they know me a bit too well at this point.

But you, reader dear, what are you playing this weekend?

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