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The PC Gaming Show and Future Games Show are returning June 11th and 12th

Timed and dated to bring you more new game announcements

It looks like the weekend of June 11th and 12th will be the culmination of this year’s Not-E3, as the PC Gaming Show and Future Games Show have announced their start times. The Future Games Show is back on June 11th at 12pm PST/8pm BST, while the PC Gaming Show is set for 12.30pm PST/8.30pm BST on June 12th. I'll delude myself into thinking that’s pretty much everything happening that weekend scheduled now.

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The PC Gaming Show, website here, is back for its eighth year and will be presented by Sean Plott and Mica Burton. They’ll be showing off 45 hitherto unseen trailers, and announcing some other things we’ll have to wait until then to find out about. The Future Games Show is also showcasing around 40 yet-unannounced games, including some from Amanita Design, Thunderful and Team 17, some of which will be on PC. Both shows will be broadcast on Twitch and YouTube.

Last year’s PC Gaming Show announced Dodgeball Academia, Far: Changing Tides and Citizen Sleeper, among others. All of them have since been released, and Sam Greer gave Okomotive’s sea-faring adventure a Bestest Best in her Far: Changing Tides review. “For all the delight and wonder we strive to find here, there's no getting away from the surrounding doom or the struggles which follow,” she said. Sounds like summer games season.

Keep an eye on our regularly updated guide to the schedule of games shows this summer. It’s already been announced that this year’s Summer Game Fest will thankfully be shorter than in previous years, running from June 9th to June 12th. Most of the shows are happening that weekend or in the few days before it, including the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase. Expect plenty of game announcements.

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