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Foretales is a lush narrative card game about a thieving bird

Saving or destroying the world

I'm always interested in card games that stretch beyond pure combat and are used to convey narrative. That's what Foretales does. It's a card game filled with anthropomorphic animals in medieval garb in which you can sneak and barter before or instead of scrapping. Find the trailer below.

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Foretales is set in a world being ravaged by a "terrible curse", in which you play as a small-time thief. Through your actions, you're able to branch the storyline and either save the world or bring about its destruction. The Steam page promises "decksploration gameplay", whatever that is.

I love Foretales' art most of all. There has been a slew of strategy games over the past couple of years featuring anthro animals, but Foretales' looks lush in so many ways. I like the different shadows playing across the table your cards sit upon, and the way cards and spell effects animate. It's very clean.

Beyond that, I don't know much more about it. There are other guesses you can make based on the trailer above about how it'll play, but I'm not confident enough to write any of them down. I'm not even 100% sure what kind of bird the main character is, although since they're a thief I will speculate that they're a seagull.

In any case, there's not long to wait before we can play Foretales, since it's aiming for release this summer.

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