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Path Of Exile's Sentinel expansion adds new ways to make the endgame harder

With greater rewards

Path Of Exile regularly gives players new ways to customise their experience, and in particular loves to gift players new ways to make the game harder. Sentinel, the next expansion, is no different. It launches on May 13th and will introduce new items that follow you around and make the enemies around you stronger - and the rewards for killing them greater.

Her'es the new trailer:

Cover image for YouTube videoPath of Exile: Sentinel Official Trailer

In Path Of Exile's new endgame, you will be able to uncover and collect three classes of Sentinel. Each follows you for a short time and empowers your enemies in different ways. Because this is Path Of Exile, you can also customise the Sentinels themselves, by activating selected buffs on each as power flows through it like a circuit board.

When a Sentinel is drained of power, you can go a step further and merge it with another, and a Power Core, to create a hybrid Sentinel. And if that's not enough, I kind of lied when I said there were three classes of Sentinel, because there are also other, unique types to be discovered by exploring.

Other changes in the expansion include new keystone passive abilities on the Siege Of The Atlas passive tree, new boss fights and items, and support for game controllers on PC. That last one is notable because it allows the game to work on the Steam Deck, should you be one of the few to own Valve's handheld. [Continues waiting for reservation to come good.]

You can find more details of all the changes over on the Sentinel microsite, where there's a clockdown which tells me it will launch in six days, 35 minutes and 34 seconds.

31 seconds now.

No wait, 27 seconds.

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