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The Quarry's online multiplayer has been delayed to July

Supermassive’s next horror game will still launch with local co-op, though

The launch of Supermassive Games' upcoming teen horror The Quarry is just over two weeks away now, but its online multiplayer component won't be arriving on day one, the studio confirmed today. The announcement was tweeted by Supermassive this afternoon, saying the mode will now added "by July 8th" at the latest. No reason was given other than wanting to "deliver the best possible experience" for players.

The Quarry is about nine teens trying to survive the perils of summer camp by not being brutally murdered.Watch on YouTube

To reiterate, The Quarry will still feature local 'couch co-op' multiplayer and an interaction-free movie mode alongside its single-player campaign when it launches on June 10th, Supermassive said. It's just the online part that will be missing. The developers added that choosing to delay the mode was a "difficult decision", but said it would be arriving as an update "by July 8th", which suggests we might end up seeing it sooner than that if we're lucky.

Alice B. has been down to The Quarry herself for an hour recently and thought it updated the ‘80s slasher genre for a modern batch of teens. “If the decisions you make are the game's dry skeleton, its characters and story are the sticky musculature and blood network that make up the rest of it,” she said. “There's the responsible girl taking things seriously, the hot preppy bitch, the jock making dick jokes, the shy guy and his even more shy alt-girl love interest, and so on.” Sounds like a slasher film, all right.

The single-player and local multiplayer parts of The Quarry are still due out on June 10th. It’ll be available on Steam for £55/€60/$60.

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