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Supermassive's next horror game is summer camp slasher The Quarry

Looks more like Until Dawn than Dark Pictures? Good!

Supermassive Games, the makers of Until Dawn and The Dark Pictures Anthology, today announced an all-new interactive horror story. The Quarry is a whole separate story telling the tale of teenaged summer camp counsellors who find themselves on the receiving end of mysterious megamurder. Getting slashed is a real hazard with that job. Impressively, the game's cast includes horror veterans like David Arquette, Lance Henriksen, and Ted Raimi. Check out the announcement trailer below.

Cover image for YouTube videoThe Quarry | Official Announce Trailer | 2K

That looks good, that. Love a group of teenagers at risk of getting slashed to pieces. I really enjoyed Until Dawn, Supermassive's PlayStation-exclusive breakout hit about teenagers getting megamurdered. But their latest interactive horror stories, The Dark Pictures Anthology series, have been distinctly less good—though the latest turned things around a bit, as Alice Bee will tell you in our House Of Ashes review. But The Quarry, yes, I'm very here for this. Great vibes.

The cast (helpfully laid out on on the game's website is dead impressive too. David Arquette from Scream! Lance Henriksen from Aliens and anything else which requires an actor who both looks and sounds like a sentient rockslide! Justice Smith from Detective Pikachu! Ted Raimi from The Evil Dead, Xena, and being entomed inside a giant chess piece in Twin Peaks! Scream queen Lin Shaye! Grace Zabriskie from Twin Peaks! I'll watch anything with Lance Henriksen or Ted Raimi, so I guess I'm in either way.

Along with singleplayer, The Quarry will support local co-op where each player controls one counselor. Hopefully it'll be possible to bodge that into online co-op using third-party features like Steam Remote Play Together? It'll also have an online mode where you and your pals "can watch along and vote on key decisions".

The Quarry is due to launch on Steam on the 10th of June, priced at £55. It'll also be on PlayStation 5, PS4, Xbox Xeriex XS, and Xbone. 2K are publishing this one.

Supermassive are still working on The Dark Pictures Anthology. They plan to wrap up "season one" with The Devil In Me, set inside of a replica of the infamous (and possibly unreal) 'Murder Castle' built by supposed serial killer H. H. Holmes.

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