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The Quarry’s multiplayer mode arrives to make it a one-game Wolf Pack

Enlist your nan, because stuff's about to get real

Interactive horror flick The Quarry has finally got its online multiplayer mode, which arrived in a free update last night. Devs Supermassive Games are referring to the multiplayer as ‘Wolf Pack’, which makes me wish Zach Galifianakis would pop up to comment on your playthrough. Refresh your memory about Hacket’s Quarry by watching the launch trailer below.

If you go down to the woods today, prepare for a big surprise.Watch on YouTube

Multiplayer in The Quarry’s Wolf Pack mode means you can invite up to seven pals, co-workers or randoms you meet on the bus into your hosted game session. They’ll vote on key choices as you play, with the majority deciding what happens in applaudable democratic fashion. The Quarry’s take is a little different from how multiplayer works in their The Dark Pictures Anthology series. It reminds me of Telltale’s Crowd Play functionality that was introduced with their first Batman game.

The Quarry’s online multiplayer was postponed back in May, with a July 8th-at-the-latest release promised, so that Supermassive could get their staff and server out of Ukraine. Arriving along with the Wolf Pack mode is a selection of what Supermassive are calling ‘80s throwback outfits for the teen camp counsellors. The radical duds are a nice touch that evokes the slasher movies of that most stylish of decades, but be aware that these outfits will set you back some moolah as either a standalone purchase or part of the game’s Deluxe Bonus Content Pack.

Alice Bee enjoyed The Quarry in her review of its single-player when the game launched last month, although she didn’t think it was very scary. “I had several deaths that I just let ride, because they were so good, so implausible and needlessly graphic in that retro slasher way that leans close to being actually funny,” she said. “The Quarry plays with horror tropes and vibes much more freely than the Dark Pictures games since Until Dawn, and twists them in fun ways.”

The Quarry is on Steam for £55/$60/€60. The Deluxe Bonus Content Pack that includes the ‘80s skins costs £12/$15/€15.

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